Set The Perfect Table This Festive Season

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The festive season has just began. This means that it’s time to have guests over and have a good time. Hosting a holiday dinner or luncheon is not an easy task, but advance planning will make your work as a host easier. Making lists and making sure you have enough time for each task will minimise potential chaos and help you tackle any inevitable setbacks that may arise.

There are lots of elements to consider when creating the perfect setting. From candles, place-mats, place settings and centerpieces, you will need to have a good plan to set up the perfect table for your guests and family. Here is a list of indispensable items no holiday dinner should be without.

Selecting The Perfect Centrepiece

Think about any party, event or your favorite restaurant. There’s usually a centrepiece, that creates a statement. Whether you are having a traditional sit-down meal, or a buffet-style meal, the centerpiece should always reflect your entertaining styleYou can go all out here with a big centrepiece down the length of the table or work with something small to create more room on the table for those potatoes.

You could also try creating your own stylish centerpieces. Use flowers from your garden, by simply getting a vessel and some floating coloured candles. You can add some ornaments to make it interesting.

Get The Food Right

This is the essential aspect of your party. Everyone is looking forward to your holiday delicacies and not having to cook dinner when they get home after filling up on your good treats. Avoid the yearly dinner drama with carefully cultivated holiday menus complete with recipes that range the full scale of the holiday meal, from appetizers and cocktails to main courses and desserts. Give yourself the gift of delicious simplicity.

Choose a Suitable Table Cloth

Consider your table linen to enhance the overall look of your dining room. A tablecloth can really lay the foundation for the overall colour scheme and mood of your room. A little glam makes everything better,even your food will look tastier on a chic table cloth.You can incorporate more colour for that vibrant look.

A great alternative to a regular tablecloth, if you’d like to keep some of your table exposed, is to use a table runner with a splash of color, which can quickly add glamor to your table. When entertaining, table runners add an extra burst of colour to your table and are practical for every environment. Layer quilted table runners on the table for presenting appetizers and cocktails. You can also dress up your table with a classic linen table runner and embellish with fresh fruit of the latest season’s blooms.

Delight Your Guests With Fine Drinks

Entertain with ease this holiday season. Get different cocktails or wine depending on what your guests like. You also have to make sure you have both alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks just in case you have visitors who do not indulge in alcohol.

When it comes to drinking glasses, we advise a  ‘keep it simple’ principle. If you have one set of glass that is slightly tinted this can do wonders in adding a bit of accent, colour and dynamics to your table.

Sarah Wangari