Creative Ideas to Transform a Blank Wall into a Masterpiece

From gallery walls to personalised DIY pieces. Here are creative wall decor ideas to transform the blank wall in your home. Read to find out more.

How to decorate a blank wall

Have you been struggling to figure out what you can add to your bare walls? All the decor items in your living room come together but you still feel like there is a missing piece. You then get this great idea to add a decor item to your wall. But you have no idea where to begin and what you should put up.

You buy a painting that your friend suggested but it looks horrible on your wall because it’s the wrong size and it’s bringing a lot of confusion to your home. Don’t get frustrated. We have some tips to help you pick the right wall decor for your home.

Tips for Getting Wall Decor

Measure your wall

Before you decide to buy any type of wall art, the first thing to always do is to measure the length and width of your wall. Not the entire wall but the area you feel comfortable filling. Different wall art sizes should be placed strategically to bring out a unique look and feel to your house.

Go big if you are not sure of the size

Sometimes you might find a piece that you absolutely love and know very well that it will compliment all the other decor items in your house. This is when you should avoid impulse buying because you don’t know your wall measurements. A rule of thumb is to always go big. Wall art becomes the focal point of your space.

Hanging above the sofa or bed?

Did you know that if you want to hang anything over your sofa/bed, it shouldn’t be wider than either of the two? Reason being, wider art makes your decor items look smaller than they are. Always go the same size as your sofa/bed or smaller.

Use a newspaper to frame out the area to fill

Frame out the corners of the wall you want to fill to get a visual idea of how it will look before making a purchase. Newspapers work best because they are easy to find, won’t require much effort putting up and you can ask a friend to help with the process (it’s a good way of bonding).

How Do You Make a Blank Wall Look Good?

There are different ways to decorate a blank wall and bring personality to your home. It’s time to remove the boredom out of your home and switch up your living space. Either of these options works perfectly on any size of the wall. Remember to follow the above tips before buying anything.

Spruce it Up With Wallpaper

Adding wallpaper to your home is a great way to spruce up a blank wall.  It can add color and personality to any room in your house. Adding wallpaper is also a great way to hide blemishes or irregularities in the wall surface.

Wallpapering your home is a fun and easy way to make it feel like your own. – You’ll be able to express your unique style through your wallpaper choices.

There is usually a debate on which is better wallpaper vs paint but in the end the choice is up to you. You know how you want your home to look. Examine the pros and cons before making the decision to use wallpaper.

How About a House Plant?

house plants wall art

This is a really fun way to change how your house looks, buying a house plant. It gives your space an earthy feel to it and makes you feel like you are outside when you are inside. It also livens up a room. You could either get a real plant which you will have to water daily for it to survive. A fake house plant can do the same trick.

These are the most common type of wall decor ideas found in many homes. You’ll find pictures with frames of family members arranged close to each other to create a pattern. You could also try this on your wall. If you don’t want to include photos of your family, you can always substitute that with a different type of art. To make your house look bigger, extend the gallery wall upwards towards the ceiling.

Hang Baskets or Plates on a Wall

If you are one of those people who likes unique things in your house, then this is it. If you are wondering how to hang plates on a wall, you need to figure out where you will place the plates and the size of the plates. To create a pattern, you should stick sample paper plates to give you an idea of how it will look at the end. You can either use nails to hang the plates or hooks to avoid damaging the wall.

Try a Chalkboard Wall

Another unique way of sprucing your home is by painting the walls with chalkboard paint. Perfect for the kids to write on, and for friends who visit you, they can write a short message on the wall. This is how memories are created.

Wall Murals for the Artistic People

A mural is simply any kind of artwork painted directly on the wall. A mural will transform your entire house in magnificent ways because it’s quite artistic and in your face. It’s the first thing someone will notice when they enter your house. For this to work, your wall needs to be clean and free from cracks.

Shelves for Aesthetics and Storage

wooden shelves on the wall

Use shelves to store your items and to give your blank wall some elegance. You can play around with the sizes, pattern on the wall and how many you will want to put up.

We hope you have learnt a few things about wall decor ideas.

EABL, Formerly at BuyRentKenya
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