Maximising Bedroom Storage: Ideas for Small Rooms

Finding the right bedroom storage solutions is usually difficult if you live in a small house. But it’s possible to declutter. Read more on storage hacks.

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Does your room always feel chaotic and clumsy? Can’t seem to put things in the right places no matter how hard you try? Most of us would love to have an uncluttered room – not only because it brings order and tidiness but it also makes it look spacious and neat. Following simple bedroom storage hacks can bring some sanity to your house by helping you fit a number of things with little space.

Without having to break a sweat or dent your pocket, these DIY tricks will help you maximize on space. Because let’s be honest, we are all tight on space.

Make a Bedroom Wall Niche

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A wall niche is a hollow space curved out on the wall used to store and display items. If you have space between your pillars and ridges of your wall that is lying there idle with no use, this is the perfect space for creating a wall niche.

Wall niches are perfect because you can display visual features such as watches, novels, linen and jewellery boxes. The wall niche can be right on top of your headboard or on your bedside. You can use the extra floor space to store other things in the bedroom.  

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Make Everything Multi-task

With clever planning, you can practically make all the items in your bedroom perform more than one task. For instance, putting a headboard on the longer side of the mattress to make it a plush sofa. Or, converting the shorter side to a sitting area with a desk in front of it. If you want more space for sleeping, place the desk shelves at a higher level than the mattress. 

Higher Beds Mean More Floor Space

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You spend most of your time on your bed horizontally. Therefore, you won’t need much vertical height on top of them. Beds use a lot of space on the floor, that’s why elevating them will create more bedroom storage space. Use the extra space to things you don’t use on a regular basis. 

Most beds don’t come with a pull-out box underneath it; have someone custom make it for you to fit depending on the size of your bed.

Basic Wardrobe Features

If you have an inbuilt closet but with many clothes that don’t fit, add more shelves and rails strategically. This will help you store your extra clothes and shoes in a way that makes your room look presentable and neat.

Build High and Wide

bedroom storage hacks

With limited floor space to store things, the next best option is to build high and wide. Make use of any and every little space you have left. Create high wardrobes with sliding doors which won’t eat up space when opened.  A small trick to try, paint the doors white to give it a minimalistic look.

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Go Low

bedroom storage hacks

If you have a low hanging ceiling, you should consider building a low bed to create the illusion of big space. When thinking of bedroom storage, low furniture will make your room look spacious and appealing to the eye.

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