How to Spruce Up Your Home With Wallpaper

Are you looking for a way to spruce up your home using wallpapers? Here is a guide with what to consider before buying and different wallpaper types.

guide to buying wall paper

Now more than ever, people are increasingly looking for ways to transform their homes. One great way to update your home by adding wallpaper.

If you’ve analyzed whether to choose between wallpaper vs. paint and settle on wallpapers, you must be wondering where to start, what type and patterns to get and how to incorporate your style into your home.

The beauty of buying wallpaper is that it’s not a lifelong commitment – you can always switch it up when you want different scenery.

Let’s jump right into this guide that will help you make the right decision about buying wallpaper.

1. Factors to Consider When Buying Wallpaper

wallpaper hanging on the wall

Before shopping around for wallpaper options, consider:

  • The layout of the room: If there are many windows and doors in a room, this leaves minimal space to stick wallpaper.
  • Size of the wall: The bigger the wall to cover, the more money you will spend on buying the wallpaper and getting it installed.
  • The desired pattern: Think about how the wallpaper will fit into the interior design of the entire house as opposed to focusing on one room and get a sample beforehand.
  • Keeping your options open: Don’t go and buy huge rolls to fill up your entire house. You could end up regretting it especially if you get a bold colour or print.

2. Types of Wallpapers

When picking wallpaper there are different ways to install it on the wall.

Type by Application

There are different ways to apply wallpaper to the wall. Whether you are the one installing it or getting help, here are types of wallpapers broken down by application.

  • Self-adhesive wallpaper: Also known as the “renter’s dream”, this is removable wallpaper that you peel and stick to your wall. This is the best option if you’re worried about getting back your rent deposit in case you damage the wall. So long as the wall is smooth and is painted, you don’t have to worry about lumps on the wall.
  • Pre-pasted wallpaper: This wallpaper has dry glue attached to it and usually sticks on the wall when you apply water along the strips, the same way post office stamps work. Keep in mind that it will not stick for long periods and could come off after a short while.
  • Non-pasted wallpaper: This type of wallpaper doesn’t have any glue at the back. Therefore, when sticking on the wall, you will need to buy separate glue and apply it to the back of the wallpaper.

Type by Material

The way to pick a wallpaper type is to design what you want to achieve and where you want to hang it.

  • Lining wallpaper: This is used to line your walls to give them a smooth finish. It is a backing material to hide any imperfections on the wall before painting or hanging over another form of wallpaper.
  • Vinyl wallpaper: It has a paper base with vinyl film coated on top of it. It is common due to its durability and the ability to scrub making it easy to clean the wall. Perfect for a kid’s room and the kitchen which is prone to dirt. It is easy to remove and doesn’t leave any paste residue on the walls.
  • Fabric wallpaper: This is considered a premium and modern type of wallpaper because it is made up of either silk, linen or any other fabric. Keep in mind that it can lose colour after some time and may be hard to clean. Best suited for places such as the living room. Avoid using it in rooms that get a lot of moisture.
  • Wood wallpaper: A great way to create a natural space in your home is by having wood wallpaper. If you enjoy being outside, then this wallpaper will bring the outdoorsy inside.
  • Embossed wallpaper: This wallpaper has a raised design on its surface. They’re perfect for hiding any cracks and bumps on the wall while creating a natural texture on the wall.

Type by Feature

Not all wallpapers have the same features and durability. You need to be aware of:

  • Washable wallpaper: This type of wallpaper is perfect for people with children. You can wipe it down with water to clean it from time to time.
  • Paint-friendly wallpaper: You can paint over this one. It blends properly with your wall and can be used to cover up any damages on the wall if you don’t intend to put wallpaper everywhere.
  • Moisture-resistant wallpaper: This is used in houses and locations that are prone to moisture. If your house doesn’t get enough air and feels damp most of the time, this wallpaper will serve you well.

3. How Much Wallpaper to Buy

rolls of wallpaper

When you decide on the type of wallpaper to get:

  • Measure length and height of your walls where the wallpaper will cover
  • Find a wallpaper calculator online to help you figure out how much wallpaper you need for every room
  • Ask the company where you’ll buy the wallpaper if they can come measure for you to get the right estimates

Wallpapers have become a fun way to spruce up your house. Say goodbye to plain, boring walls. And remember, when cleaning the wallpaper, use a damp cloth to wipe down and remember not to leave the cloth on one spot for too long, the wallpaper could start peeling.

EABL, Formerly at BuyRentKenya
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