The Art of Home Staging: Tips for Selling Your House in Kenya Faster

Home staging in Kenya’s real estate market is vital for a quick, high-priced sale. It creates appeal, attracts buyers, and enhances property value.

Staging your home in Kenya - Benefits of house staging

Selling a house in Kenya, or anywhere for that matter, can be a challenging process. To stand out in the competitive real estate market and attract potential buyers, home staging has become a valuable tool.

  • In the competitive Kenyan real estate market, home staging can make a significant difference in selling your property quickly and at a desirable price.
  • By creating an inviting and neutral space, you allow potential buyers to see the full potential of your house and make a connection with it.

When real estate agents talk about staging your home, they’re referring to a method of preparing a property for sale on the real estate marketplace. Staging is designed to showcase a home’s best assets, impress buyers, and sell it quickly for the highest possible price.

Because not all sellers stage their homes—especially homes in lower price ranges—you’ll be at an advantage if you elect to take the extra step of staging your property. Staging can be one of the most lucrative projects you’ll ever undertake, given its potential to create a more emotional purchase for the buyer and generate more money for the seller.

The Art of Home Staging.

Good staging is like visual merchandising and interior design combined, creating an environment that flatters the property, shows off its strengths, and conceals its flaws.

Staging your home in Kenya - Benefits of house staging

Home staging allows potential buyers to envision themselves in the space, turning it into a desirable and appealing place to live. It’s not the same as decorating, which caters to personal style; instead, staging makes your home appealing to a broader audience.

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The Importance of Staging.

When selling a home, you don’t want to settle for a lower selling price or a longer marketing period than necessary. Staging makes a home more appealing visually and allows buyers to envision how the home might look once they move in, making it look more move-in ready.

According to the National Association of Realtors (NAR), staging positively affects most buyers’ opinions of a home and makes it easier for them to visualize the property as their future home.

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Options for Home Staging.

There are multiple options for this ranging from hiring professional stagers to do-it-yourself efforts. A full-service Realtor may handle staging or hire a professional stager. If you choose to do it yourself, be prepared for expenses related to painting, furniture, and cleaning supplies. Staging may cost around 1% to 3% of the home’s selling price.

Staging your home in Kenya - Benefits of house staging

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Effective Home-Staging Tips.

The most common rooms that are staged are the living room, kitchen, owner’s bedroom, and dining room. Here are some key tips for effective home staging:

  1. Depersonalize and Declutter: The first step is to remove personal items like family photos and religious artefacts. Potential buyers should be able to envision themselves living in the space. Additionally, decluttering is essential. Clear countertops, remove excess furniture, and store away items that make the space feel cramped.
  2. Start with Curb Appeal: The first impression counts. Ensure your home’s exterior looks inviting. This includes maintaining the garden and repairing the fence or gate. Additionally, giving the house a fresh coat of paint if needed also helps. A well-maintained entrance sets the tone for the rest of the viewing.
  3. Enhance Lighting: Adequate lighting can make your home feel brighter and more spacious. Clean windows, replace light bulbs with higher wattage options and consider natural lighting. Remove heavy drapes or curtains to let in more light. A well-lit home is more appealing to buyers.
  4. Neutralize Color Schemes: While vibrant colours may appeal to you, they may not be to everyone’s taste. Repainting walls in neutral colours like beige, grey, or white can make a room feel more open. It also makes it adaptable to various design styles.
  5. Highlight Key Features: If your home has standout features like a fireplace, built-in bookshelves, or a spacious kitchen, make sure they take centre stage. Arrange furniture to showcase these features and draw attention to them during showings.

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Staging Done Right.

A well-staged home will sell for more, look better in photographs, and help buyers imagine themselves living there. When doing it, the goal is to appeal to the widest possible range of buyers. Additionally. it ensures a higher selling price.

Find a balance between highlighting the home’s best features and making it usable for the buyer.

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