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Why Title Deeds in Kenya are Important

Maureen Mbithe | 13/01/2022

Find out why title deeds in Kenya are important and why you need perfor a title search to know the rightful owner of the property you want to buy.

How To Not Get Scammed When Buying Land

Maureen Mbithe | 16/12/2021

Have you heard of these scams cons use to trick people who are buying land? We explore common land scams in Kenya and how to avoid getting stolen from.

BuyRentKenya and Building in Kenya Partner

Maureen Mbithe | 08/12/2021

Have you been feeling confused about where to start in your real estate journey? BuyRentKenya and Building in Kenya partner to bring you a course to help you.

Insights on Investing in Real Estate – [Opinion]

Maureen Mbithe | 25/11/2021

The Director of Ndatani, CPA Alex Muema shares insights on what's currently happening in real estate and how to invest successfully. Read more.

8 Tips That Will Help You Sell Your Land Faster

Maureen Mbithe | 12/11/2021

Selling undeveloped land is hard because people can’t visualize how the final property will look like. Here are tips to help you sell your land faster.