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Things to Buy When Moving Out for the First Time

Maureen Mbithe | 02/03/2022

Are you moving to a new house but don't know what to buy? Our handy moving shopping list will help you save to make your move stress free and fun!

10 Ways to Maximize the Space in a Tiny Living Room

Maureen Mbithe | 23/02/2022

These are some of the most common and practical ideas you can implement in your home to maximise space in a small living room and make it look spacious.

Real Estate Trends in 2022

Maureen Mbithe | 16/02/2022

Find out what real estate trends in 2022 will be prevalent, from WhatsApp as the preferred mode of communication to lucrative investment opportunities.

7 Tips for Negotiating Cheaper Rent

Maureen Mbithe | 10/02/2022

Did you know that negotiating for lower rent is as simple as asking your landlord? Here's how to negotiate in your current house or moving to a new place.

Rent to Own Kenya: Everything You Need to Know

Maureen Mbithe | 04/02/2022

Looking for a rental property, but with the option of buying in the future? What are the risks involved? Learn about rent-to-own houses in Nairobi.