Tips on Selecting Artwork for Your Home

Art work can uplift the spirit and elevate the mood in your home. Here are a few tips on selecting perfect artwork for your home.

Choosing artwork for your home. What to consider

Art washes away from the soul, the dust of everyday life – This quote by Pablo Picasso remains true to date when life seems so fragile and unpredictable.

According to Catherine Nduku Kamau, an interior designer based in Mombasa, the whole purpose of art is to create or trigger our emotions. Art can cheer us through the worst of times and may trigger memories or emotions. It has the power to comfort us through tough times and even inspire our hope for a brighter future.

“Art has the power to evoke in us different powerful emotions; they could be sad or happy. A painting of moonlight reflection on the ocean for example, can give us a feeling of calmness. Art enables us to take time away from all that is happening around us and can easily help us to process our emotions and thoughts,” she says.

In the recent past there has been an increase in the general appreciation of art amongst home owners.  Besides its aesthetic appeal, art breathes life into a home.

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“Art comes in many forms, from colours textures and even sizes. Art gives life. It makes a space vibrant and unique and also portrays a personal statement. It can define the personality of a home owner and is a worthwhile investment in the long run.”

For many choosing art is a hustle. Here are some tips that will make the process easier.

Buy for the Love First

Ever heard of the phrase, ‘art is personal’? We interpret art differently, and art has the ability to transport us into our own emotional world. In picking art pieces, the interior advices that one chooses what pleases the heart.

“Buy the art piece that you love. However, for it to serve its purpose it has to be well placed around the house. Colours, shapes, size and other important considerations have to be made,” she says.

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Experiment with Different Mediums

Choosing artwork for your home. What to consider

When choosing an art piece for your home, it helps to be open to different mediums, as they all add different features to a space.

“There are lots of different mediums available, all ranging from sculptures, paintings and photography to name a few. It is great to be open to all these mediums because each of them has a certain emotional impact, and gives a different feel and appearance to a room. Photography for example is real time art. A good example is David Yarrow’s photography pieces. Photographs and especially family portraits carry so much emotion portrayed in memories. They also carry so much love at the same time. Paintings on the other hand are deep in interpretation. It is therefore important to find the type of art that will work best for your space.”

Consider the Space

Choosing artwork for your home. What to consider

An art piece can transform a room and give it a different feel altogether. It is therefore important to consider the different spaces when choosing art work for the same. What kind of effect do you want for a particular space?

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“One should consider the personal feel the art gives the room. For example, a food or fruit wall painting in the dining area can act as an invitation to a healthy appetite. A painting of lavenders or calm seashore on a bedroom wall can give a sense of calmness which is great for relaxing your mind before you fall asleep.”

Size is Important

Scale can make or break the appearance of your space. When selecting a piece of art, it is important to note its dimensions and consider your space.

“The size of the art piece matters. For instance, an oversized wall painting in a room becomes an instant focal point that is easy to replace incase one changes the colour scheme of the room,” the designer notes.

Hang it Right

To create a greater impact, artwork should be hung at the correct height.

 “When hanging an art piece always consider giving it a good sense of proportion. The art piece should be vertically centered at eye level. Who wants to have a neck ache after admiring some beautiful piece of art? When one has several art pieces in frames, try as much as possible to group them in a certain shape. Also creating some constant spaces between the pieces gives the viewer a good sense of balance,” says Catherine.

Think about Colour

Choosing artwork for your home. What to consider

There are different ways you can play around with colour. How about selecting pieces of art that are in line with your rooms’ designs and colours?

“While it is important to choose an art piece that you love, it does not hurt to take into account your wall colours and furnishings. Think of your curtains, throw pillows or furniture. For example, play around with an abstract wall hanging that compliments the wall colours. You can have a plain white wall and have an abstract piece in white and black with a splash of red or yellow.”

Light it Up

Choosing artwork for your home. What to consider

Dimly lit artwork will lose impact in a room and may create a dull feeling. Great lighting on the other hand will make your artwork pop hence adding a positive mood to the atmosphere.

“Natural light from the sun can make the art work colours appear different depending on which window they face. One should also keep in mind the direct sunlight feels warm while indirect sunlight is cooler,” she notes.

“Great lighting contributes to the art work appearance. LED light bulb may not necessarily make your artwork pop. On the other hand, full spectrum bulbs can enhance the appearance of art work and this is one of the reasons many hotels and restaurants make use of them,” says Catherine.

“Art does not have to be expensive, each piece is unique in its own special way,” she concludes.

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