The Secret to Making Your House Warmer this Cold Season

The cold season seems to have come early this year, and if you are wondering how to stay warm in the house, you’re not alone. Read more warming house tips.

how to make your house warm

The cold season is upon us, and if you are wondering how to stay warm in the house, you’re not alone. Or maybe you live in a cold house – the sun is out but you constantly need a sweater when indoors. Your house is your haven and if you are one of the people spending more time indoors, you need to make it as comfortable as possible, whether you are renting or not.

If you can’t stand the cold in your house, here are a few things you can do to make it warmer and give it a cosy feel while at it.

1. Get thicker curtains

curtains to make a room warmer

Did you know that thick curtains reduce the cold air on the windows from circulating to other parts of the house? If you don’t want to buy new curtains, you can simply add a fabric behind the curtains to make them thicker. This will also reduce the amount of light that gets into your house at night, making you sleep better. Remember to open curtains when the sun is out to let in the warm air in and close them right before the sun sets to retain warmth in the house.

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2. Close your windows

The cold air can easily sip through your windows at any time of the day. The warm air in your house is also leaking through the open windows or the cracks. Even if it is sunny outside, the air could be making your house colder than it naturally is. Ensure that while you are at home, you close all the windows properly which will also keep insects away.

3. Close the rooms you are not using

Another way to keep the house warm, especially the living room, is to close the doors of the other room. This prevents the air from circulating in the room and keeps it warmer. The bottom of the door is another space where air is getting into your house making it cold. Close off those spaces with a rug, towel or an old t-shirt you don’t use.

4. Get a carpet and layer some rugs

how can I heat my room without a heater?

People who live in houses with tiles on the floor really have it rough. Tiles make a house look good but the amount of cold they bring during the cold season is no joke. The best thing you can do for yourself is to get a carpet and put some rugs all over your house. It will insulate your house and make it look cosy. Your feet will also thank you when you are walking around the house barefoot.

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5. Invest in warmer clothes

There is no point in suffering through the cold when you could do something about it. Get some warm socks, a scarf and warm sweaters. Heck, wear a beanie or knitted hat. This is not the time to be fashionable, especially if you are just staying at home. Your health comes first and you want to make sure that you keep yourself warm to avoid falling ill.

6. Use warm bedding

how to make a cold house warm

Now is the time to put away those fancy sheets you have and get proper cotton sheets which retain heat. You will also want to add some extra blankets and maybe get a duvet to keep you warm at night. Another good way to warm your bed is to use a hot water bottle. Simply put some hot water in it before bed and toss it under your sheets before you enter the bed. By the time you are getting in, the sheets will be much warmer. Another trick is to iron your sheets then jump in immediately you are done.

7. Why not cook?

Cooking will warm any house from the heat produced. Whether you are using the oven, a cooker or a burner stove, the kitchen will get warm once you start cooking. Remember though that too much moisture from cooking is not good for your house. That is how you form humidity which will lead to a damp house that can cause mould.

8. Don’t put your bed close to the window

how to make your room warmer

Did you know that having your bed right beneath your window will make you feel colder at night than if it was further away from it? The air around the window cools down at night making that area cold. Not everyone will be able to move their beds, but if you can, avoid putting it close to the window. Don’t forget to use thick curtains to block out the cold air from the windows.

9. Invest in a heater

Last but not least, if you have tried everything possible to make your house warm but it’s still cold, you can buy a heater. The beauty of it is you can carry it around in whichever room you would like to heat. But also remember that it might consume a lot of your electricity. So put it on when necessary.

The cold season is upon us. It has started much earlier than anticipated. This article gives you ample time to prepare and follow these simple tips to make your house warmer. Don’t suffer through this cold weather.

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