Creative Shelf Ideas that Add Style to Your Home

Looking for extra storage space without making your home look clumsy? Here are easy-to-install shelving ideas for each room to help you save on storage.

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Regardless of where you live, there’s a huge possibility that you might be dealing with storage issues. And what could be a cheaper solution if you’re not able to move to a bigger house?  


The secret to finding the right shelves for your home is not only getting one that looks aesthetically pleasing, but also practical.  

This is to showcase the things we love and hide the ones we must live with but don’t have to be on display.  

Whether or not you have a creative eye, these modern shelving ideas will help you save space in your home while bringing out the charm in your living space. 

Shelf up your living room

How do you style a shelf in the living room? Simple. Find one that is both decorative and functional. That is in terms of storage. 

You will spend most of your time in your living room if you work from home. It is also the first place your guests see when they visit. And the one room that sets the tone for your entire house.

Let’s start with bookshelves. If you’re looking for a way to add depth and character to your house while showcasing some of the books you love reading, this is the direction to take. 

Place books horizontally while others vertically to bring about harmony and rhythm to your sitting room.  

Additionally, you don’t necessarily need to stack up all your books in the bookshelf. You could put some decor items on top of books to give it a more natural look.

Plant shelves. If you’re thinking of livening up your living room, then you should consider plant shelves. They’re an inexpensive way to bring life to your house. 

The general idea is to mix pots of different sizes and plants to create curiosity on the shelves. 

Floating shelves. Does your home have a blank wall you’re tired of staring at? You might have found the perfect solution.  

Floating shelves are super chic and functional when it comes to storage and aesthetics of your home. Adding these shelves is a great idea, especially for those people who are renting to avoid drilling a bunch of holes on the wall. This way, you can hang as many pieces as you would like without the fear of damaging the house structure. 

Floating TV stand: Do you know about this little secret? Instead of getting the usual TV stand found in most homes, you can install a floating TV stand? You not only make the room look spacious but it’s also the modern way of mixing pieces in your house. 

Fold-down working table: We’ve seen the importance of having a workstation at home. But do you have the space to add a table and chair to your living room? 

If this is you, consider building a fold-down desk on a section of the wall that won’t distract movement. When it is time to stop working, you can always fold it back up and use that space for something else. 

Bedroom Shelves

Does your room feel cramped up? With literally no space to add anything else even if you wanted to?

You may be feeling limited in floor space. Therefore, installing shelves could be the solution. 

What are some of the shelves to put in your bedroom?

Floating or hanging nightstand: These are not very common in our homes but who says you can’t have something unique for yourself? 

The modern nightstand saves on floor space and can be used to place a lamp or the current book you’re reading.  

You can even decide to place an artificial plant or a scented candle to set the mood for your room before night time. 

Corner floating shelves: Corners in a house make it seem like there’s not much you can do in terms of storage. However, a couple of floating shelves to place books or decor items wouldn’t hurt.  

You’ll also get to use that little space that seems impossible to utilize. The number of shelves you put all depends on your storage needs and the vibe you are trying to create for your room. 

Floating bed shelves: Gone are the days for having boring headboards in your room. Install a floating shelf right above your bed to give it a modern look. You will also utilize that space on top of the bed and store some items there.  

Multi-purpose ladder shelves: Apart from storing items on this type of shelf, you can use the lower section as a working station if you’re working from home. We know how hard it is to work on your sofa.  Why not create a more comfortable area then get a working chair?

You can use the same ladder in the living room if you prefer working from here.  

Bathroom Shelves

The bathroom is the one place in the house with limited space. You might not have thought of giving it a makeover. But these ideas could come in handy.  

Ladder display shelves: This open shelving structure offers a minimalistic style and is perfect if you’re looking for more space to store bathroom towels, toilet paper and your skincare products. 

Leather hanging shelves: Here is another unique and affordable way to bring life to your bathroom: hang a piece of wood with two leather straps. 

These types of shelves are not only beautiful, but you can also decide on how many layers you want for the shelves. 

Before you install them, make sure to find leather straps which won’t fade from the moisture in the bathroom. 

Storage shelves: Here, you place your decor items and other small pieces that you might want to put in the bathroom. 

You can also install one above the toilet if you’re working with limited space. 

Kitchen Shelves

Are you thinking of sprucing up your kitchen without breaking the bank? Get some shelves and watch the transformation unfold. 

Floating shelves: These work well in the kitchen as a pantry to store your foodstuff and other kitchen items. They’re not only airy but also look good.  

Over the window shelves: Give this a try if you have one of those large windows in your house. The natural light streaming through the window will give your kitchen a nice look to it. 

Bracket shelves: These are simply shelves that have support underneath them called brackets. Deciding on the type of bracket to use can change the style of your kitchen. You can either use metal brackets, wood or have them custom made. 

Rustic shelves: Bring a touch of warmth and cosiness by adding some rustic shelves to your space. In places with modern tiles and finishing, the rustic shelves bring out the personality in your home. 

In Conclusion

Living in a small space doesn’t mean you have to have a plain-looking house. All you have to do is get creative with your storage and try out these shelving ideas for each room. You could either decide to have a theme for each room or the entire house. 

The choice is really up to you. Happy decorating!

EABL, Formerly at BuyRentKenya
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