Inside Magnolia Hills, A Half-Billion Shilling Property

Renowned as Kenya’s most expensive home, this architectural masterpiece commands a price tag of a staggering KES 600 million (approximately $6.5 million USD). 

The Magnolia Hills House 12, the most expensive house in Kenya

Renowned as Kenya’s most expensive home, this architectural masterpiece stands as a testament to opulence and innovation, commanding a price tag of a staggering KES 600 million (approximately $5.5 million USD). 

We explore the magnificent – House 12 at Magnolia Hills Estate

Nestled on top of a hill, House 12 offers not only breathtaking views but also several luxurious amenities across its three grand floors.

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A Slice of Paradise

House 12 is not just a residence; it’s a work of art that combines modern living with the beauty of nature. Its design and construction were entrusted to one of Kenya’s foremost architects, Mehraz Ehsani, whose vision has transformed this property into a symbol of luxury and security.

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The estate itself, Magnolia Hills, adjacent to the International School of Kenya, reflects American-styled suburban living on a tasteful 25-acre landscape.

Inside its gated community are 40 elegant houses, each endowed with a stable infrastructure and high-speed fiber optic internet. Communal spaces within the estate include three swimming pools, a fully equipped gym, a restaurant with a bird sanctuary, and a covered gathering area for residents and guests. 

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A Fortress of Luxury

Perched on a one-acre raised garden, House 12 not only guarantees absolute privacy but also presents an architectural masterpiece. Upon stepping in, prepare to be captivated by its centerpiece: a triple-volume lounge, an extraordinary living space soaring across three levels, boasting towering windows, exquisite chandeliers, and opulent decor, creating an atmosphere of unmatched grandeur.

The property boasts two kitchens, one for staff to prepare for main events and another for the lady of the house to craft her family’s menu. 

With six en-suite bedrooms, extensive balconies, an interior and exterior Jacuzzi, and even two staff quarters plus a three-car garage, House 12 doesn’t compromise on space or amenities. Security is paramount, with anti-bandit windows on the lower floor and a pool that acts as a moat, elegantly relieving the need for unsightly burglar bars. 

The entrance itself is a spectacle, featuring a pool and waterfall, flanked by an enormous swivel mahogany door that exudes opulence and sets the tone for the awe-inspiring front facade.

An Artistic Haven

House 12 combines various elements of Kenyan countryside living with a modern twist. Designed as an island, it’s surrounded by water on all sides, inviting abundant natural light while respecting the unique weather conditions of Nairobi. The result is an abundance of space and height, with brilliant light and a close connection to nature.

The interior spaces are a canvas of luxury, adorned with gypsum ceilings, intricate moldings, and boho concept furniture that can take your breath away. The design seamlessly accommodates both comfortable family living and grand ambassadorial functions, with the capacity to host up to 250 guests.

Security Redefined

What truly sets House 12 apart is its innovative security feature – swimming pools. These pools serve a dual purpose: as luxurious water features and as a buffer zone that protects the external glass walls from potential break-ins. The design is so effective that, over the past five years, there have been no recorded incidents of danger or insecurity.

In an interview with the media, the renowned architect Mehraz Ehsani detailed the reasoning behind the many swimming pools the house has:

We created the swimming pools that are motes and they exist in front of the living room and we can have all the glass free without burglar-proof bars. If you want to come and take a TV you have to go through two and a half meters of water. If the owner wants to be particularly dangerous, they can put a crocodile in there,” he stated.

More Remarkable Projects by Architect Mehraz Ehsani

Mehraz is also behind one of the most luxurious malls in East Africa, The Village Market. Together with his brother, they designed the mall, a vision that started with only 7 acres.

He was also an architect and developer of the Tribe Hotel, an ultra luxury hotel situated within the Village Market complex.

Interesting fact about Mehraz Ehsani: He holds the number one post office box (P.O.Box 1) in the Village market Post Office.

In Conclusion – A House on The Hills

House 12 at Magnolia Hills Estate in Kitisuru is more than a residence; it’s a statement of luxury, security, and architectural brilliance. From its grand design to its ingenious security features, it represents the pinnacle of modern living in Kenya.

This magnificent property is not just a house; it’s a masterpiece that has redefined the concept of luxurious living in East Africa.

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