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Small Living Room Decor Ideas You Should Try Today

small living room decor

Having a small living room doesn’t mean you should compromise on how you will style it. If you have a lot of things in your house, trying to make everything fit could be tricky without making your house look like a mess. If you are someone who has issues letting go of small things, hoarding everything you buy, making your house stylish will be close to impossible without small living room decor ideas.  

Below are 6 decor tips that will help you get inspiration on how to make your space appear bigger and more beautiful.

1. Embrace White Walls

small living room decor

If you live in a place where you’re not allowed to paint your walls, don’t panic. You can play around with the white colour and have white interior decor. It will instantly make the space look big and brighter.  A clear wall is also perfect for adding colourful accessories. Add one or two more colours to make the house look cohesive and consistent.

2. Remove Focus From the Door

small living room decor

If your front door opens straight to your living room, it’s hard to make your living room look cosy and inviting. Removing focus from the door means you have to come up with some form of arrangement of your chairs and the artwork in your living room. When someone enters, their attention is drawn to the artwork. They won’t focus on how small your living area is.

3. Decorate Vertically

small living room decor

When you have limited spacing on the floor, the best thing to do is to have your interior decor going upwards. To create the illusion of a high ceiling, put a vertical wallpaper pattern which will pull the eyes up when someone is looking at it.

4. Play With the Furniture

small living room decor

Before you decide to start decorating, have a mental image of the amount of space you have. Get an L-shaped seat and put it strategically at the corner to maximize on space. Also, a small round coffee table with exposed legs will give the room breathing space and make it look bigger. Adding table tops with mirrors on them will create the illusion of a bigger space.

5. Don’t Forget the Lighting

small living room decor

Pendant lights can transform a room by making it look luxurious and will also be the focal point if it is on top of a table. The brighter the room, the more spacious it looks. Put side lamps and use them on days when you want to create a relaxed and mellow ambience.

6. Have Higher Curtain Rods

small living room decor

If you have small windows, a simple trick you can do to make them look bigger is to put the curtain rods in a higher position than the window frame. The bigger the mirrors look, the bigger your space will look.

Maureen Mbithe
Content Writer at BuyRentKenya
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