Tips to Make Your Home Cosy and Comfortable

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Whether you are moving to a big space or a small one, it can be difficult to convert the empty space to make it feel like a home. It becomes harder when you don’t have the freedom to make changes in the rented house.

Try these simple basic ideas to make a complete transformation of your house.

Welcome Mat for Guests

cosy home

Make your guests feel welcome the minute they get to your house by putting a mat outside your door.

Display Family Photos

cosy home

Hang photos of your family members to make you feel comfortable. The photos will work well as great decor.

Hung Wall Curtains

cosy home

Hang curtains across the entire wall to create a cosy feel in the room. They will also make your room look visually appealing.  

Create a Nook

cosy home

If you want to cuddle up and maybe read a book, add a seat in your bedroom. To make it extra cosier, throw in a warm blanket to keep you warm when snuggling.

Add Some Fur

cosy home

Think of cosy and the first thing that comes to mind is fur. It can either be a rug, a wall hanging, a throw or a carpet.

Rugs Bring Warmth

cosy home

You can never have too many rugs. Instead of putting a rug on one place, layer a couple on top of each other to get a warm fuzzy feeling on your feet. The extra rugs will also add warmth to your house. 

Don’t Forget to Light Candles 

cosy home

Set the mood by lighting candles which will transform your entire decor. Go for the scented ones to give your home a nice, fresh scent.

Share with us in the comment section how you make your cosier.

Maureen Mbithe
Content Writer at BuyRentKenya