6 Common Agent Mistakes and How to Avoid Them

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agent mistakes

Avoiding common agent mistakes is important if your main goal is to attract and retain clients. Having a reputation that makes you look like an industry expert will help you grow in your professional career. You need to be able to support your clients when they need your help and keep the promises you make to them. Don’t be an agent who constantly disappoints clients and makes them feel like they can’t count on you and that you’re only looking out for your best interests and not theirs.

Knowing these common agent mistakes will help you stand out from the rest and become a better real estate agent.

1. Making Promises You Can’t Keep

agent mistakes

When someone is looking for a real estate agent to represent their property, they will normally check out different agents before settling on one. Every agent will come up with their own price when listing a property. Sellers want to get the highest price point from an agent, but assuring a client you can get it without being sure is wrong. You will damage your reputation with your clients and disappoint them if you don’t deliver on your promise.

How to Avoid: Be honest with your client. If you are not sure about something, get back to them after consulting with your teammates or supervisor.

2. Not Knowing Sales Trends and Property Inventory

The minute you step in front of a client, you should be able to provide value and the right information. Knowing how property inventory will affect the listing price will show the client that you are on top of your game and can sell their property at the right market price.

How to Avoid: Do your market research so that you can provide your client with the right information.

3. Not Being Aware of the Local Amenities

agent mistakes

When people are looking for property to buy or rent, the local amenities in that area will determine whether they’ll move to that area. An agent who doesn’t know the available amenities and features in an area is bound to have a hard time when convincing a seller to list with him.

How to Avoid: Familiarise yourself with the area surrounding your listings to be in a better position to close a deal.  

4. Not Taking Clear Images 

agent mistakes

Taking professional images of the property you are listing is one of the most powerful marketing tools to use. Prospective homeowners will search the internet to see pictures of a house and won’t pay much attention to the description. Photos which seem blurry and out of focus will give the wrong impression of a house will be more damaging than not posting any photos at all.

How to Avoid: When taking photos, take advantage of natural light. Take images during the day when it is bright, to avoid shadows in the photos.

5. Not Listening to the Client

agent mistakes

When you have a meeting with a client, most times they will share their goals and objectives on a property. For instance, some clients will accept a low offer if they get someone who is willing to pay cash instantly. But if you continue negotiating with a client who offers you a price lower than the one you had in mind, you could end up losing the client altogether. 

How to Avoid: Put your client’s needs at the top of your mind so that you provide value to them.

6. Not Returning Calls

Even with your busy schedule in your day, you should always return calls within a reasonable amount of time. Clients will feel like are not making them a priority so they won’t see the need of listing their property with you.

How to Avoid: If you are busy with another client, send a message excusing yourself or return the call immediately when you are done.

Avoiding these agent mistakes will keep your clients happy and increase your chances of getting more referrals from them.

Maureen Mbithe
Content Writer at BuyRentKenya