Northlands City Project: A Glimpse into Kenya’s Tomorrow

Northlands City Project: Pioneering Kenya’s tomorrow with a blueprint for sustainable urban growth, preserving its vibrant cultural legacy.

Northland City Project in Ruiru, Kenya

Welcome to the future of Kenya – the Northlands City Project located in Ruiru, Kenya which is about 20km from the Nairobi CBD.

The land that this project sits on is owned by the Kenyatta family, having had produced the first president, Mzee Jomo Kenyatta and his son, Uhuru Kenyatta, Kenya’s fourth president.

The land currently plays host to their 2 businesses, Brookside Dairy, one of Kenya’s biggest dairy company, and Gichecha farm.

This ambitious project aims to transform the landscape of Kenya, creating a vibrant, sustainable, and inclusive city. It’s a city that’s not just about buildings and roads but about people and their dreams.

Project Overview

The Northlands City project is a game-changer, spanning 11,000 acres. This mixed-use development aims to welcome approximately 250,000 residents into its fold.

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With a price tag of Ksh 500 billion, this project is not just monumental; it’s a testament to Kenya’s leap into a visionary future.

This city isn’t rising from the ashes; it’s a phoenix designed to soar and set new benchmarks for urban development in Kenya.

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Timeline and Milestones: The journey commenced in October 2018, marking the initiation of construction in the first phase.

The planners plan to execute the Northlands City project in four phases over 50 years. Remember that various factors, including but not limited to financial resources, regulatory approvals, and unforeseen challenges, can lead to changes in the timelines for such large-scale projects.

Anticipated milestones include the inauguration of the residential phase and the bustling business district.

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Residential Development and Its Ripple Effect

The plan involves crafting 12,960 residential units in its maiden phase. These units, tailored for diverse income groups, are projected to house around 30,000 residents.

This surge in residents is poised to send ripples through the local real estate market, creating a demand surge for more housing and amenities. Beyond erecting mere structures, it’s about nurturing communities, making a living, breathing spaces where people can weave the tapestry of their lives.

Commercial and Industrial Buzz

Northlands City Project isn’t just about housing; it’s a symphony of commerce and industry. The blueprints include a bustling business district and an industrial park.

Expect these strategic moves to draw businesses and investors, injecting dynamism into the real estate market. The business district isn’t just a cluster of offices; it’s a nucleus of commerce and innovation, beckoning businesses from diverse sectors.

Conversely, the industrial park isn’t just a realm of factories; it signifies progress and industrial ingenuity, a job hub contributing to the economy.

Northlands City Commercial Units: The promise of a new business era lies within these structures. From startups to established enterprises, these units offer a dynamic space for growth and collaboration. The business landscape within Northlands City isn’t just about transactions; it’s about forging connections and steering economic progress.

Northlands City Industrial Park: This isn’t merely an industrial zone; it’s a canvas where ideas metamorphose into reality. It’s a testament to progress, where businesses contribute to Kenya’s economic evolution.

Infrastructure: The Backbone of Ambition

Every city is complete with robust infrastructure, and the Northlands City Project has that covered. The blueprints encompass the construction of roads, water, sewer, electricity, and internet connectivity.

The government’s endorsement, including additional kilometres of the Eastern bypass in the Supplementary Budget, underscores its commitment. This endeavor isn’t just about development; it’s about laying the foundation for a well-connected city that is easily accessible and equipped with the essentials to support its residents and businesses.

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Northlands City Development: Infrastructure takes centre stage at the heart of this development. The roads aren’t just paths but connections between neighbourhoods and opportunities. The water and sewer systems aren’t just utilities; they are the lifeblood of a sustainable community. This holistic approach isn’t just about development; it’s about paving the way for a flourishing future.

Environmental Considerations: The project is more than construction; it’s a commitment to ecological sustainability. Initiatives include green building standards, renewable energy practices, and integrating eco-friendly technologies to minimize the environmental footprint.

Hurdles and Hype

Every rose has its thorns, and the Northlands City Project is no exception. The project has faced its challenges, including a recent fire incident. These stumbling blocks could impact the project’s timeline and success.

However, they also present opportunities for learning and improvement. It’s through overcoming these challenges that the project can genuinely prove its worth.


The Northlands City Project stands as a hope for Kenya’s future. Despite the challenges, the project promises to reshape Kenya’s landscape and propel the real estate market to new heights.

As the project unfolds, all eyes are on this city of the future. It’s a city that promises to redefine urban living in Kenya, set to become a model for other cities in Africa and beyond.

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