Why Are Wealthy Kenyans Opting to Move to Satellite Towns?

Wealthy individuals have increasingly sought the allure of satellite towns like Vipingo, and Tigoni, driven by a yearning for a serene and peaceful lifestyle

Why wealthy Kenyans are moving to satellite towns
  • Most real estate projects, such as Tatu City, Vipingo Ridge or Tilisi, are developed on huge tracts of land and have a mix of housing units.
  • The projects of this nature are commonly known as Master communities.
  • The communities provide a wide range of recreational amenities and commercial facilities.

In the last decade, master communities such as Tatu City, Vipingo Ridge, Tilisi, Green Park, River Run Estate, and Pazuri have become popular among high-net-worth individuals. Such communities tend to have luxury amenities such as golf courses and recreational facilities like tennis courts and stables.

The main reasons for relocation to satellite towns by affluent Kenyans are the serenity and security of the environment. According to Alastair Cavanagh, one of the founders of Vipingo Ridge Limited, “Though golf has been a factor influencing settlement, many are attracted by the secure environment.

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What Factors Are Driving Wealthy Kenyans to Relocate to Satellite Towns Like Tigoni, Tilisi, And Vipingo Ridge?

Affluent individuals tend to prioritize privacy and exclusivity when deciding to buy homes in satellite towns. They also consider the area’s serenity, security, lifestyle, and tranquility when considering the quality of life in satellite towns.

Privacy and Seclusion

Rich people love their privacy, and property developments such as Vipingo Ridge, Tilisi, and Tatu City offer them larger pieces of land that create distance between neighbors. This seclusion is appealing to individuals looking for privacy resulting in the urban-to-rural migration of wealthy individuals.

Exclusivity of the Community

Why wealthy Kenyans are moving to satellite towns

Most gated communities for affluent buyers fetch a higher price point that keeps out most home buyers and ensures that only the ultra-rich can afford to live there. Additionally, such communities tend to have expensive membership or service charges that are automatic gatekeepers for people unwilling to pay the high maintenance fees.

Heightened Security

Exclusive estates in satellite towns make it impossible for outsiders to access their community. They often have multiple gates with controlled access, 24/7 surveillance, and intense security protocols.

The heightened security measures and monitored access are a huge plus for high-net-worth individuals. The assurance of security makes them feel safer in these communities.

City Chaos Escape

Tilisi, Tigoni, Vipingo Ridge, and Pazuri all have one thing in common: the tranquil environment. These communities tend to have green landscapes with tons of fresh air, expansive parks, and other relaxation areas that are a great plus for those looking for a slower pace of life.

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Are There Specific Amenities or Features in These Satellite Towns That Attract the Ultra-Rich Demographic?

Developments like Vipingo Ridge have many recreational and commercial amenities, such as golf courses, tennis courts, parks, playgrounds, swimming pools, commercial stores, and restaurants. They make it possible for the resident to live a balanced life within their community despite being far away from major cosmopolitan areas.

Why wealthy Kenyans are moving to satellite towns

Other master-planned communities, such as Tilisi and Tatu City, also have schools, office parks, large shopping centers, and other businesses.

Are Investment Opportunities or Potential Returns Influencing the Interest of The Ultra-Rich in These Emerging Property Markets?

Yes. Most affluent individuals have more than one home and tend to stay in the homes intermittently. Some travel all year round or go to their other homes from time to time. Most of them look at buying such properties as an investment.

Buying homes in areas with amenities such as golf courses allows them to let out their homes for short-term rentals to other wealthy individuals.

Also, luxury homes tend to appreciate in value much faster due to higher demand than supply. This means the homeowners can sell their homes at a profit after a few years.

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