Land Prices Under 2 million Shillings in Nairobi and Its Environs

Location is key when looking for land to buy. This entails looking for a location that has all the amenities you need for your day to day activities.

Land below 2 million shillings in Kenya - Affordable Land in Kenya
  • The starting price of land in satellite towns is Kshs 400,000.
  • Location is a key determining factor when looking for land to buy.
  • Most satellite towns around Nairobi have all the amenities needed and are within an hours drive from the Nairobi CBD.

Since the pandemic, the demand for land within Nairobi and its environs has skyrocketed. This has, in turn, led to increased land prices, making it extremely difficult to find affordable land for sale in Nairobi and its environs.

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When looking for land to buy, you have to take a lot of factors into consideration. The most important one is the land’s location, which becomes an uphill task if you are looking to buy budget-friendly plots in Nairobi and its outskirts.

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Where Can I Find Affordable Land for Sale under 2 Million Shillings in Nairobi?

Most middle-income families look for properties around Nairobi for bigger living spaces or suburban homes. The price point largely drives this. Below are satellite towns you can look into if you are looking for land for sale under 2 million Shillings.


Kangundo is a popular location due to its proximity to shopping centers, hospitals, schools, markets, major roads, and towns. It is a 45-minute drive from Nairobi CBD. Kangundo is also close to the popular middle class area, Eastlands, making it an automatic starting point for most people looking to move without being too far from their initial living location.


Juja is roughly 33.3 kilometers from Nairobi CBD and is one of the fastest-growing satellite towns in Nairobi. Depending on the location, you can get land for as little as Ksh 500,000. Plots of land closer to tarmac roads and amenities cost upwards of Ksh 1 million, but the options are unlimited.

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Ngong town

Ngong town is one of the most tranquil options for buying affordable plots in Nairobi. It is 21 kilometers from Upperhill and 21.9 kilometers from Nairobi CBD (26.2 kilometers via the Southern bypass). You can buy 1/8 of an acre plot in Ngong for Ksh 400,000.

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Syokimau is a popular location for people working along Mombasa Road and neighboring counties such as Athi River and Machakos. It is 19 kilometers from Nairobi CBD, and you can drive to Nairobi in 20 minutes during off-peak hours. It has excellent amenities such as schools, hospitals, shopping malls, and markets. You can get land for as low as Ksh 550,000.

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Ruai is located along Kangundo Road, and it takes approximately 23 minutes to drive to Nairobi, which is 23 kilometers from the CBD. It is located just after Kamulu, another popular satellite town, due to its affordable land for sale for under 2 million Shillings. The cheapest land options begin at Ksh 380,000.


Ruiru is the 4th largest urban center in Kenya, according to the 2019 national population census. It is a 25-45 minutes drive from Nairobi CBD, depending on the time and day. You can get land in Ruiru for as little as Kshs 800,000.


Kitengela is located in Machakos County and is 37 kilometers from Nairobi. This town has become a major satellite town due to its vibrant nightlife, amenities, and land prices. You can get 1/8th of an acre in Kitengela for as low as Ksh 450,000.

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Ongata Rongai

This town is located 17 kilometers from Nairobi CBD. It is close to Ngong town, Karen, and Langata and is a fully-fledged metropolitan town in its own right. It has all the major amenities, including malls, banks, open-air markets, hospitals, schools, etc. You can get land in Rongai for as low as Ksh 850,000.

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Other affordable areas around Nairobi

You can also get budget-friendly plots in Nairobi and its environs. These include Joska, Kiserian, Kamulu, Tinga, Kikuyu, and Athi River.

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How do I stay informed about new listings and opportunities for affordable land in Nairobi and neighbouring areas?

You can search for affordable land for sale in Nairobi and its environs by visiting reputable online property portals and real estate websites, contacting real estate agents, visiting online property forums and blogs, watching local property shows on TV and asking for referrals.

Key Takeaway

Always remember that the price of the land will vary based on factors such as infrastructural development, location and size. Do your due diligence and visit the land, do a title deed search, and talk to professionals before buying any property.

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