Houses With Ensuite Facilities In Nairobi cost up to 30% More Than Those Without

With ensuite bedrooms, especially in the master bedroom, say goodbye to awkward glances and stares after a heavy meal of spicy food!

Ensuite bedroom in Kenya

In the perennial debate of ensuite bedrooms versus those without, we explore the pros and cons of each to help you make a practical choice when looking for a house to rent or buy.

Ensuite Bedrooms: A Sanctuary of Privacy

Ensuite bedrooms offer privacy, creating a personal retreat within your home. Enjoy peaceful morning routines and undisturbed late-night bathroom breaks, shielded from encounters with guests or family members. However, this luxury demands extra space and may impact your budget.

Shared Bathrooms: Practical Considerations

On the other hand, bedrooms without ensuites may pose challenges, especially if privacy is a priority. These bedrooms lack a dedicated bathroom, requiring you to venture into a shared space. While this design choice may suit some, it’s crucial to consider how it aligns with your daily life and home functionality.

One of the things to consider is number of people living in the house. Do you have children? How about a house manager?

Financial Implications

Ensuite features come at a premium in Nairobi’s real estate market, costing 10% to 30% more than homes without them. A 3-4 bedroom house with all-ensuite facilities may rent for around Ksh 450,000, compared to Ksh 350,000 for a similar house without ensuite. According to real estate expert Wendy Ngunga, these upscale features attract discerning buyers willing to invest for added luxury and convenience.

Investment Potential

While ensuite facilities command a higher upfront cost, they can yield a higher return on investment. Wendy advises that while it may require more investment initially, the potential for increased resale value and rental income makes ensuite features a smart move in a competitive market.

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The desirability of ensuite amenities can set your property apart, potentially allowing you to command a higher selling price or rental income in the future.

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Conclusion: Consider Your Lifestyle and Investment Goals

Ultimately, the choice between ensuite and shared bathrooms depends on personal preferences, budget, and the needs of prospective buyers or tenants. Both features significantly add value to a property, making them worthy considerations for those making a prudent real estate investment in Nairobi.

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