BuyRentKenya Showcases Innovations in Real Estate Technology at EAPI Summit

BuyRentKenya participated in the 11th EAPI Summit in Nairobi. Our CEO, Elizabeth Costabir discussed the impact of AI and technology on real estate.

Nairobi, Kenya – April 19, 2024 – BuyRentKenya, the trusted real estate company connecting individuals with properties, enthusiastically participated in the 11th annual East Africa Property Investment (EAPI) Summit held at the Radisson Blu in Upper Hill, Nairobi. Represented by our CEO Elizabeth Costabir, BuyRentKenya contributed to a dynamic discussion on “Data & AI in Real Estate,” highlighting the transformative role of Artificial Intelligence (AI) in enhancing user experiences and streamlining property searches for buyers and renters.

During the summit, CEO Elizabeth Costbair took center stage to highlight the pivotal role of Artificial Intelligence (AI) in revolutionizing user experiences and streamlining property searches on BuyRentKenya’s platform. Through AI-driven algorithms, BuyRentKenya personalizes property recommendations tailored to individual preferences and requirements, enhancing customer satisfaction and engagement.

Elizabeth also emphasized the importance of AI-driven data analytics in predicting market trends and optimizing pricing strategies for listed properties, providing valuable insights for industry stakeholders and home seekers alike.

The EAPI Summit, held from April 17th to 18th, 2024, provided BuyRentKenya with an invaluable platform to engage with peers, cultivate strategic partnerships, and share insights on emerging real estate trends. The event underscored BuyRentKenya’s commitment to leveraging innovative technology to drive excellence and innovation within the real estate industry.

Reflecting on the experience, Elizabeth Costbair remarked, “Participating in the EAPI Summit was an exceptional opportunity to showcase how BuyRentKenya is leveraging AI to transform the real estate landscape. Our goal is to empower home seekers and industry professionals with advanced tools and insights, ultimately shaping the future of real estate in East Africa.”

BuyRentKenya continues to lead the charge in advancing real estate technology, enriching user experiences, and fostering growth and collaboration within the vibrant East African property market.

Lulu Kiritu
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