Securing Your Home While on Vacation

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We are inching closer to the festive season and the last thing you want to think about when you are vacationing is the possibility that someone could be breaking into your house. This is the time when people take road trips over the weekend to different parts of the country, leaving the house empty.

You don’t want to be out basking on the beach and worry about a potential break-in or robbery. However, the best way to ensure you get peace of mind is to prepare in advance before taking that trip.

Below are tips on how you can ensure your home is safe while you are away vacationing.

Give the Impression that Someone is Home

leaving lights on when on vacation

Most thieves will be scared of breaking into a house which has people in it. If you are not able to find someone to stay at your house while you are away, create the illusion that there is someone present by leaving lights in the living room or the front porch on.

Request Someone to Watch Over Your Place

The best way to protect your home is by being a good neighbour. This means that you need to build a rapport with your neighbours to the point where they can watch over your place when you are not around. If you trust them enough, you can leave your house key with them to switch on the lights for you at night. Don’t ask them to do too much for you. Be respectful of their time.

Don’t Tell People You’re Away

It is very tempting to share vacation details with your neighbours, friends and on social media. But don’t do it. You are telling people that you will be away especially for long periods which means an empty house. If you must share, do it after you return from your trip.

Lock all Doors and Windows

lock doors and windows

Before leaving the house, you always have to make sure to lock all the doors and windows. Double check that all the entry points into your house are safely secured. Walk around all the rooms to confirm there are no broken windows or locks. If there are any, fix them before you travel for vacation. You will have peace of mind knowing that you’re leaving your house in a safe state.

Don’t Open For Strangers

If you go on vacation and leave someone to watch over your house, remember to tell them not to open the door for strangers. People know that you are out of town so they will come around pretending to do some charity work. Others can even pretend to be a relative. Once a stranger gains access to your home, there is no telling what will happen.

Don’t Pack In Front of Outsiders

home safety vacationing

You should be smart about where you decide to pack the car you will travel in. When people see you packing for a vacation, they know you won’t be around for some time. And if they see the amount of luggage you have, they’ll know it’s for a long duration. Also, when you’re packing for the entire family, pack your things in bits. People won’t see that everyone in the house is travelling.

Get Someone to Clear the Trash

When trash sits outside for long, it not only stinks up your house and the neighbours, but it also shows that you are not around. If they do find out that there is no one home, they might get ideas of breaking in. Before you leave for your holiday, make sure you empty your trash. If you happen to forget to do so and trash day comes while you are away, speak to your neighbour to help you take out the trash.


You can create a home security vacationing checklist to help you follow the above tips to ensure that your house and belongings are safe while you are away.


Maureen Mbithe
Content Writer at BuyRentKenya