Thika Road: Explore the Area and Things to Do

It is hard to move to a new neighbourhood especially when you don’t know anything about that area. This Thika Road guide will help with the move.

Thika road neighbourhood guide

After the Thika Superhighway was completed back in 2009, it has become affordable for people to look for housing in the estates along Thika Road. It is the gateway to Nairobi and Thika. People who are travelling from Muranga, Kirinyaga, Meru, Embu, Thika, Nyeri, and Central region of Kenya all use the Thika Superhighway to get into Nairobi.

There are different amenities such as schools, businesses, homes, offices, government institutions and many more along the Thika Highway which is 50 kilometres long.


People who live in estates along Thika Road are both youthful and boisterous. With the various learning institutions on Thika Road, students prefer living in estates along Thika Road because of the convenience and easier access to school. Also, people who are recently starting out on their first jobs live here due to the affordability of the houses.

Property Prices

(2019 prices)

Many young people prefer to live in these areas because it is 10 kilometres away from the city centre, which makes it easier to get to town. The average price of a bedsitter for rent  is Kshs 8,000 while that of a one bedroom is Kshs 25,000 as shown above. The only challenge with Thika Road is the rush hour traffic which is present in the morning and the evening. But other than that, it is an affordable place to live in especially if you are starting out.

Estates along Thika Road

One of the most underrated estates in Nairobi are the ones located along Thika Road. The construction of the superhighway has made it possible to work in the city and commute to these estates. Some of the neighbourhoods include Roysambu, Garden Estate, Kahawa Sukari, Zimmerman, Githurai, Kahawa West, Ruiru, and Kasarani. Other estates include Ngumba, Ruaraka, Mwiki, Juja and many more.

Schools along Thika Road

When you are moving to a new neighbourhood, chances are that you will have to transfer your child to a new school. Knowing which schools are in the neighbourhood and how they perform will help you make the right decision on where to take your child. Below is a list of different schools along Thika Road.

Some of the schools in the area: Lily Academy in Githurai, St. Scholastica Catholic School, Cornerstone Academy, Ruaraka Academy, Thika Road Christian School, City Primary, Kastemil Primary School, Ruiru Fairview Academy, Juja Preparatory School, Thika Road Christian School, Peponi School, Mang’ High School, among many more.

Universities include United States International University- Africa (USIU), Jomo Kenyatta University of Agriculture and Technology (JKUAT), Pioneer International University, KCA University, Kenyatta University, Pan- African Christian College, Kenya Institute of Monetary Studies, Mount Kenya University, Thika.

Government Institutions

There are a number of government agencies along the Thika superhighway which includes National Youth Service (NYS),  Kenya Institute of Curriculum Development (KICD), Kenya Institute of Survey and Mapping, the GSU Headquarters, Kahawa Barracks, and the Kenya National Library Services.

Hospitals along Thika Road

There is the Mathari Mental Hospital, Thika Road Health Center, AAR Healthcare (Roysambu, Mountain Mall, St.Scholastica Uzima Hospital, Kahawa Wendani Hospital, Ruaraka Uhai Neema Hospital, Jacaranda Maternity, and many more.

Restaurants along Thika Road

Sometimes when you leave school or work, you have no time to prepare a meal from scratch. If you are thinking to move to any of the estates along Thika Road, finding ready-made food is not hard thanks to the ladies who sell food by the roadside until late in the night.

You can’t run out of places to eat when you are along the Thika Superhighway. If you are craving fast food, there is KFC, Pizza Inn (Garden City and TRM Mall), Galitos (Garden City, TRM), Chicken Inn (TRM), Pizza Mojo (Garden City), and Pizza Planet.

Other places to eat are Sabor a’ Mexico (TRM), The Luke Cravers, The Graceful Chinese, Teriyaki Japan and Jambo Grill.  There are major hotels along Thika Road with restaurants which include Utalii Hotel, Hotel La Mada, Blue Springs Hotel, Homeland Inn, Safari Park Hotel.

Shopping Malls

Before the construction of Two Rivers in Ruaka, Garden City was the largest mall in East Africa. After the construction of the Thika Superhighway, global brands such as Shoprite (Garden City) and Carrefour (TRM) are setting shop in the area. Other malls include Juja City Mall, Mountain Mall, Adva Mall in Ruiru, and Unicity Mall.

Things to Do

Most people don’t enjoy going clubbing. They are looking for a serene place to spend time with family and friend. If you visit TRM or Garden City mall which has various activities to do alone or with do with the family such as water slides, face painting, bouncing castles and many more.

The TRM funscapes is an indoor family entertainment spot with different arcade games and rides each at a different price. Looking for a unique way to enjoy a movie, Check out the 7D Cinema at TRM.

People don’t know that there is much to do at the Moi International Sports Complex apart from watching a football game. There is a restaurant, sports bar, a swimming pool which is open to the public.



Looking for things to do in other parts of Nairobi, have a look at Ngong Road.

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