Ruaka Neighbourhood Guide

Explore and discover the place to live whether you are renting or buying through this Ruaka Neighbourhood Guide, with local amenities and things to do.

Ruaka neighbourhood guide

Ruaka has become one of the fastest growing satellite towns in Kenya with different property types coming up in a place that was once filled with leafy vegetation and bare land. Ruaka is approximately 20 minutes away from the city center and the perfect place to get away from the congestion in Nairobi.

When you visit Ruaka, you will get to see a variety of posh estates, visit the largest mall in East Africa, and enjoy different activities with your family and friends such as riding the Ferris wheel, “Eye of Kenya”.

Map of Ruaka

ruaka neighbourhood guide


Five years ago, Ruaka was a prime location filled with agricultural land that was used to farm vegetables and fruits and perfect for livestock grazing. On top of that, with no major roads connecting the surrounding counties (Nairobi and Kiambu), many people were not living in Ruaka in the past.  


There has been a construction boom in Ruaka town with a growing demand for residential property. Additionally, it has become easier to move in and out of Ruaka thanks to the government improving the road network and constructing the Bypass.

Ruaka attracts young professionals and expatriates working in multinationals in the area. Because of the distance to Nairobi, beautiful landscape, cool climate, and close proximity to different social amenities like restaurants, retail stores, and more, the growth in Ruaka is impetus. 

Property Prices

Developers are also taking advantage of this growth by constructing multiple apartments to cater to the high demand which has seen a rise in the property prices in the area as seen in the Ruaka Property Trends


If you are looking for a place to call home with an abundance of schools, and fun activities for the kids to participate in, look no further. Ruaka is preferred place by many young families who put emphasis on the development and growth of their children. Some of the schools in Ruaka include Bloomsfield School, Lily of the Valley Junior School, Kingsmead Junior Academy, Royal Brain School, Foresight Academy and many more.

Restaurants in Ruaka

Ruaka has something different for everyone when it comes to restaurants, whether you are looking to enjoy an evening with your friends or family, or grab a quick bite. Plus, you won’t miss a parking slot if you decide to eat in Two Rivers Mall.

If you have been to Ruaka before, you know about the nyama choma joint that is located along the Bypass. There is something about the meat they sell here. People who go to Ruaka to see property to rent or buy frequent this place a lot over the weekend. The meat is sold in open grills by different vendors, which leaves you with options.

Another one of Ruaka’s famous eating spots is the Pork Pit, opposite Quickmart Supermarket. As a pork lover, you’ll enjoy sampling the variety of meals which are all made from pork. You’ll definitely want to sample the pork burgers, mishkaki, pork mutura, pork sausages, pork dry and wet fry.

At Two Rivers, the restaurant options are endless. Whether you are in the mood for fast food, Chinese or Italian, they’ve got you covered. Some restaurants at Two Rivers include Olpus Steak House, Colosseum Restaurant & Lounge, Aldar Restaurant Lebanese & Oriental cuisine, Nagala’s Chakula, Sabor a`Mexico, Afghan house, Lotos, and Adega Express. Other restaurants include Mister Wok, Teriyaki Japan, Burger King, Btzek Lounge and Artcaffe.

Shopping Malls in Ruaka

With different fashionable shops such as Nike, Woolworths, LC Waikiki, Two Rivers will cater to your entire family. Other places to shop include Rosslyn Riviera, Quick Mart Supermarket, Tuskys, Carrefour and more.

Things to Do

Create new and unforgettable memories with your family and friends by doing any of these fun activities.

Ride the Ferris Wheel – Eye of Kenya

If you are not afraid of heights, this is the perfect activity to give you an adrenalin rush while giving you a bird’s view of the Nairobi skyline. The Ferris Wheel rotates slowly and constantly to allow people to get on and off without it coming to a stop. With 40 cabins, each sitting 6 people, one ride takes approximately 17 minutes and will cost you Kshs 500 per person.

Funscapes Themepark

If you are not afraid to bring out your inner child, you will have the perfect opportunity at Funscapes. It has games for children of all ages. As an indoor mini-park, you don’t have to worry about your kids wandering off or constantly keeping an eye on them to see what they are doing because it is a safe space for the kids.

Skate Park

No need of doing the same things over and over again. Why not try something new and learn how to skate?

Dancing Fountains

Having dinner in most restaurants in Nairobi, all you have is the view of the person you are with and artwork on the walls. However, at Two Rivers it’s a different dining experience. Apart from the lovely food, brighten your evening with the beautiful view of the dancing fountains. 


Ruaka enjoys a certain level of security because it borders the affluent suburbs of Runda, Nyari and Rosslyn. It is also minutes away from the United Nations Complex, and certain embassies like the American Embassy. Those areas have a high-security presence which spills over to Ruaka.



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