Ngong Road Neighbourhood Guide

Thinking of moving or buying property along Ngong Road? This neighbourhood guide will show you all the cool spots to hang out and different amenities.

Ngong Road Neighbourhood guide

Ngong Road, which was once known to have constant traffic at any time of the day is now one of the roads to use if you want to move around Nairobi faster. This is because of the completion of the first construction phase in making it a dual road.

The second phase of fixing the road is intended to begin from Prestige Plaza up until Dagoretti Corner while the last phase will start from Dagoretti Corner all the way up to the Karen Shopping Center.

The road has intelligent traffic lights at most of the junctions, pedestrian walkways, U-turns to help people change lanes, and extra lanes at the City Mortuary roundabout. The dualling will ease traffic on Ngong Road, and bring about urbanization in the adjacent counties.

Property Prices

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Ngong Road is set to have more investment opportunities in the area from these major changes which will boost the property sector. More people will want to live here or the adjacent neighbourhoods like Kilimani, Langata and Naivasha Road due to the ease of moving around. If you are thinking of moving or buying along Ngong Road, look at the average prices above to help you know what to expect.

Schools along Ngong Road

Taking your children to the right schools will help them grow up to become responsible citizens and Ngong Road has one of the best schools in the country. The students produce top results with well-disciplined students. Below are some of the schools to consider in the area: St. Hannah’s School, Makini Ngong Road, Emerald International School, Riara Primary School, St.Nicholas Schools, Rose of Sharon Academy, St. Christopher’s Schools, Greenyard Junior School, Springwood Kindergarten, and Kilimani International School.

Restaurants along Ngong Road

If you have an eye for beautiful restaurants, an exciting nightlife, and cafes, you will find all of these options here. There are a variety of restaurants along Ngong Road with different cultural flavours to sample. Some restaurants include: 7 Degrees Bar & RestaurantFrankies Sports Bar & Lounge, New Maisha Restaurant, Swahili Plate – Prestige, Brew Bistro, Mediterraneo Junction, Debonairs Pizza, Pizza Inn, Arena Restaurant and Pizzeria, Artcaffe Junction, Steers, The Wine Shop, Java House Junction Mall and Prestige,  Dari Restaurant, Big Square Junction, and Atrium Brasserie.

Let’s not forget about the slaughterhouses in Dagoretti where most people go to purchase meat to either prepare at home or sell in butcheries. Dagoretti also has some of the tastiest nyama choma in the city. Whether you want to eat fresh ribs, leg cuts, some nice tasting mutura or tumbukiza, this is the perfect place to meet up with your friends and family to enjoy a relaxed evening. Kenyatta Market is also famous for its nyama choma.

Night Life

Ngong Road comes to life at night thanks to the different bars and clubs along the road. Jiweke Tavern is known as the place to be on a Sunday afternoon until late into the night. Chances of having a rough Monday morning are high because you might end up leaving Jiweke pretty late in the night from all the fun.

Another joint that most people frequent is Space Lounge. The ambience and the crowd will leave you dancing your sorrows away. Just remember to dress warmly as it gets pretty cold when you have to sit outside when it gets full.

Onyx Lounge: the perfect place to check out with your friends or even solo. It has a scenic view of Nairobi Skyline and great ambience.

Brew Bistro and Lounge provides an exceptional dining experience to cater to your pallete. They also have amazing cocktails and beer that is brewed in-house by their Master Brewer.

Shopping Malls

Ngong Road offers a different shopping mall experience for everyone with a variety of retail stores, ATMs, supermarkets, restaurants with multi-food cuisines, and many more. Shopping malls along Ngong Road include Prestige Plaza, The Junction Mall, and The Greenhouse Mall.


If you are considering moving to Ngong Road, you should not worry about having access to medical facilities. Emergencies do come up and being close to a hospital could save someone’s life. Ngong Road is bursting with different top hospitals. Some of them include Melchizedek Hospital, Coptic Hospital, Lancet Lab, Nairobi Women’s Hospital, Kenyatta National Hospital, Gertrude’s Children’s Hospital (Junction Mall), Marie Stopes, City Eye Hospital, Avenue Healthcare.

Things to Do

Go on a date or catch a movie with your friends at the Prestige Cinema or the Century Cinemax at the Junction Mall. Spend some time at the malls or go for a shopping spree. You can spend time with your kids who will love the play area at the malls.

The Nairobi War Cemetry

You can also visit The Nairobi War Cemetry to learn about the history of our country and how it was the headquarters of the East African Force during the Second World War. The soldiers who passed on in the war are buried here. You can access the War Cemetry at any time especially if you are going for a photo shoot. Remember to only use a vehicle to enter the cemetery. There have been cases of insecurity in the area, avoid carrying any valuable items.

Ngong Road Furniture

If you have passed Ngong Road before, you might have noticed some beautiful furniture along the roadside. They have some lovely pieces you can order or if you have a custom design, they can make it to you from scratch.

Toi Market

If you are a thrifter, the perfect way to spend your Saturday afternoon is visiting Toi Market. It is the second largest market that sells second hands clothes at an affordable price. It also has some nice house decor items you can buy to change the look of your house.



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