Our Property Finance Services

NCBA Easy Build

NCBA Easy Build

NCBA Easy Build is our property financing solution that enables you to have access to building plans and full professional services so that you can build your house without stress.

With the NCBA Easy Build solution, you enjoy:

  • Flexibility in selection of location
  • Customization of your home to your specific tastes, preferences and lifestyle
  • Flexibility in working within your budget
  • Reduced cost of homeownership as it is cheaper to build than to buy a house
  • Quality control as we provide you with approved experts to build your house
  • Instant property value appreciation upon completion
NCBA Mortgage Services

NCBA Mortgage Services

  • Competitive Mortgage interest rates Friendly loan terms
  • Loan repayment periods of up to 25 years. Mortgage loan facilities of the loan amount in local currency, 1.5 % of the loan amount in foreign currency
  • NCBA mortgage loans are offered in Kenya Shillings, Dollars, Pounds, and Euros.Regional Paradigm Technician
  • Up to 105% Financing of property value or market price whichever is lower
  • Maximum term of up to 25 years
  • Home loan Interest is calculated on a reducing balance basis
NCBA Buy and Build

NCBA Buy and Build

  • Competitive property loan interest rates
  • Friendly loan terms
  • Flexible repayment periods
  • Access to expert advice from in house quantity surveyors
  • A dedicated Relationship Manager assigned to you
  • Dedicated Property centers
  • Minimum construction loan amount of KES. 3,000,000
  • Loans for construction have a maximum repayment period of up to 25 years
NCBA Plot Purchase

NCBA Plot Purchase

  • Loan facility fees of 1% of the loan value for local clients, and 2% for diaspora clients
  • Minimum loan amount is KES. 500,000

How it works

The process to owning your dream property is easy, seamless and broken down below

  • Step 1

    Fill in forms and submit requirements.

  • Step 2

    Form received and processed by NCBA Property Finance Team

  • Step 3

    NCBA send offer Letter, Fulfill conditions on the offer letter from NCBA

  • Step 4

    Valuation of Property: Done by an NCBA Approved valuer

  • Step 5

    Security Perfection/ Conveyance: Transfer of title and or Legal Charge on the title - Done by an NCBA approved lawyer

  • Step 6

    Disbursement: Release of funds to the vendor/borrower’s account.

About Buyrent Kenya and NCBA Bank partnership

BuyRent Kenya has partnered with NCBA Bank to create a financial partner for you on our platform that brings you the best; from cutting edge mobile banking to good old-fashioned relationship management; from scalable Mortgage services and other financial services that grow as you grow; from the best-in-class choice of products to investment solutions tailored to your specific needs. As you find your next home on our platform, fill in the form above and a representative from NCBA bank will reach out to you.

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