Home Decor Ideas: Creative Ways of Using Chalkboard Paint

Are you full of ideas that need a trendy and functional vision board? Here’s how chalkboard paint lets you to transform your bedroom wall into a writing slate.

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Are you tired of looking at the same bare wall every time you are home? You’ve thought of moving houses but can’t afford to do so because of various reasons? We have the perfect solution for you if you’re looking for home decor ideas: chalkboard walls.

A chalkboard wall, also known as a blackboard wall is a wall painted with chalk paint. It is a fun and creative way of changing the look and feel of your house by giving the wall a chalky appearance and adding character and personality to it.

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Whether you are a kid or an adult, you can use chalkboard paint on any surface area in your house. As it is, children love writing on walls, so why not create a blackboard wall for them to write and erase whenever they feel? If you are grown, you can use the wall to write your grocery list, daily affirmations, and even help people find things in your houses such as plates, spoons and even the toilet.

It is easy to create a DIY chalkboard wall. All you need to do is visit your nearest paint manufacturer and order the chalk paint. It comes in various colours depending on the mood you want to convey.

Here are creative ways of incorporating a chalkboard wall in your house which will get your friends talking.

Paint the Kitchen Wall

chalkboard paint kitchen

Do you pick your calls in the kitchen then start wondering where you will get a pen to jot down something? Having a chalkboard wall will sort this issue out. You can also paint the kitchen cabinets to make it easier for people to find cutlery and other kitchen appliances.

Create a Schedule Calendar

home decor ideas
A good way of getting organized is by creating a chalkboard calendar. Paint the neutral base on a specific wall in your house. Let it sit for a day to let it dry. Then, use chalk to draw out the calendar with each section you might require together with the days of the month. To make things more interesting, use different colours to mark different events. Add a to-do list on either side of the calendar to complete your tasks faster. Constantly seeing the things you need to work on will make you finish them faster.

Paint the Drawers

The chalkboard paint works perfectly on closet doors in the bedroom. When you mark the closets with the content of the drawers such as trousers, shirts, and socks, you make it easier to find clothes to wear. Struggling to wake up in the morning? Write affirmations to jump-start your day.

Change Your Bedroom Look

home decor ideas

It is not interesting to always look at bare walls especially in the one place that you go to find your peace, the bedroom. Why not switch things up by adding your own personality to your room? If your bedroom already has gentle hues from the curtains, then a blackboard wall is exactly what you need. Especially at your headboard, add inspirational quotes or a pattern on the wall. Anything you feel will bring out your personality, do it.

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Decorate Your Kid’s Room

chalkboard paint kids room

Little children love writing on any surface they find. What perfect place to do it than on the wall? Instead of spending a lot of money adding wallpapers or having to look at a messy wall because the kids have drawn on it, get them a blackboard wall. You can play around with the colours on the wall by drawing fun things the kids will love.


What’s the point of having a chalkboard without chalk to write with? You can reuse a small tin to save the chalk for easier access.
There is no point in having a chalkboard if you can never find any chalk. Two possible solutions: little tin buckets suspended on hooks and a corbel with a jar on top for stashing the chalk. The best colours to buy are white, green or pink.

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