BuyRentKenya and Building in Kenya Partner

buyrentkenya and building and kenya partner

BuyRentKenya and Building in Kenya have partnered to provide a course that helps anyone who wants to build successfully in Kenya. If you have been feeling confused about where to start, this course will guide you through the stages from before-you-build up to construction.  

The Building in Kenya Course is for everyone, from beginners, students to seasoned professionals in the real estate industry. 

So You Want to Build Successfully? 

BuyRentKenya and Building in Kenya hosted an interactive webinar session on 2nd December 2021 with industry experts who shared their experiences as developers and professionals in the sector. 

The webinar session was moderated by Robyn T. Emerson, President of Women in Real Estate and Co-Author Building in Kenya together with Emma Miloyo, Architect, Partner Design Source and Co-Author Building in Kenya.  

Part 1: Construction War Stories

The first part of the webinar session had two developers share their construction war stories. 

It was interesting to get first-hand information and experiences from two property developers who have built from scratch; Jamie Pujara, an entrepreneur, co-founder & former CEO of BuyRentKenya, member of the Entrepreneurs Organization (EO) and Linda Were a developer, Plan Smart Property. 

Jamie is currently developing Aspire Heights, a 65 unit apartment building in Riruta. He shared his journey on how the vision to provide low-cost housing came about and the challenges he faced along the way. 

Some of the major takeaways from his session were:

  • Before you into construction, don’t be afraid to ask questions to understand the entire process.
  • Have a vision and know whey you are building in the first place.
  • Be dedicated to the process and know it is not an easy way out.
  • Start small and learn along the way.

Linda Were, a developer from Plan Smart Property recently completed a 15 unit project in Kinoo and a groundbreaking project in Uthiru consisting of 36 units. 

She shared the same sentiments that Jamie had and emphasized the importance of having the right team to help you bring your vision to life. She said:

  • When building, don’t build too far from what other developers and landlords in the area are providing, in terms of rent and facilities like a swimming pool.
  • The biggest way to mitigate risks is to have professionals who will help you manage your costs.
  • Do not expect what you don’t inspect. It’s your development.
  • You’re the only one who will have a high level of detail in comparison to someone else.

The Biggest Challenge in Real Estate

During the webinar session, some interesting questions came in from the participants. 

  • Where do you get specialized qualified builders?
  • Where do I start to build my own home or rentals?
  • How do I start the construction process?
  • What are the do’s and don’t when constructing?
  • How do you manage risks?
  • What are the registration and licensing bodies to find experts in the construction process?

We also did a Twitter poll to understand the biggest challenge people face within the real estate sector, which had 83% of people not knowing where to start. 

biggest challenge within the real estate sector

There is a gap in information in the market. The Building in Kenya course comes in to answer all these questions and more. 

The course is an online guide to your real estate journey in Kenya. If you ever wanted to start your real estate journey but feel like you are in a maze, this course is for you. 

It will help you build better, invest better and achieve success in your real estate journey. 

Part 2: Solutions from Industry Experts

The second part of the webinar had industry experts QS Olivia Sally Otieno and Steve Kivuva share their expert knowledge on how to be successful when constructing. 
Olivia Sally Otieno is the Director, Mwembe & Mwembe Associates Ltd (Building & Civil Eng. Contractors). She is a registered Practicing and licensed Quantity Surveyors by BORAQS.

She is also a lecturer at the Department of Construction Management and Quantity Surveying, University of Nairobi, the Vice-Chairperson, Board of Registration for Architects and Quantity Surveyors (BORAQS). 

Steve Kivuva is the Managing Director, Ahead Consulting Ltd. They both bring years of being in the industry and understanding the ins and outs of how the construction process works. 

QS Olivia Sally Otieno shared some great insights with us during the webinar session:

  • Risk is part and parcel when building. Not only financial but also human resource risk, techonological risk and more.
  • When building, ensure that the budget and scope are clear from the get-go to avoid building forever and incurring running costs.
  • Get professionals and ensure you compy with the regulatory bodies.

Steve Kivuva on the other hand understands the financial side of construction. His company Ahead Consulting Ltd deals with transaction advisory which is pre-development consulting, project management financing – sourcing financing for projects. 

He touched on different models when it comes to financing your real estate project. 

  • Equity: where you spend your own money during construction, which is expensive
  • Senior debt: you borrow money with an interest rate and time period to pay back.
  • Joint ventures: you come together with two or more entities which means you will share risk and reward.
  • Non-cash flow finance: deferment of fees by contractors i.e you pay contractors once the project is complete.
  • Pre-sales financing: This means buying a house before it has been constructed or when it is underway.

Before the start of any project, ensure that you get full financing to avoid getting stuck during the process. 

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Building in Kenya Online Course

Emma Miloyo and Robyn T. Emerson co-authored a book called Building in Kenya: A Real Estate Developers Toolkit to bridge the existing knowledge gap present within the building sector. 

They aim to develop a one-stop source of information, a guide to help you throughout the construction process. 

From another Twitter poll we ran, people are experiencing different challenges during the construction process, from how to acquire land to deciding on where to build. 

challenges when building

The Building in Kenya online course hosted on the zydii platform has five modules to help you: 

  • Understand what real estate is in Kenya
  • Understand the decision-making process before construction
  • Know the importance of working with professionals
  • Acquire land
  • Apply for planning and building approvals

If you feel like you are getting advice from different sources with conflicting information, this course is for you. 

It has an in-depth guide on the construction process and includes checklists and infographics to make it easier to understand the course material. 

Register for the Building in Kenya course today to equip yourself with knowledge that will make your journey in real estate much easier.  

Maureen Mbithe
Content Writer at BuyRentKenya
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