Boma Yangu Project Demystified: Essential Facts and Insights

As a result of the Boma Yangu initiative, Kenyans can now buy an apartment for as little as Ksh 1 million within large urban areas. Boma Yangu Project.

Affordable housing program in Kenya - Boma Yangu Project
  • Boma Yangu is an affordable housing initiative by the government to fulfill their Big Four Agenda.
  • You can get a Boma Yangu apartment for as low as Ksh 1 million.
  • Any Kenyan over the age of 18 years can apply to buy a house via the Boma Yangu project.

With the lowest house price in Nairobi being beyond the reach of most citizens, the Boma Yangu project has piqued the interest of people seeking to own a home within Nairobi and other cities at affordable cost.

Unlike other affordable, privately developed houses mostly found in upcoming neighboring towns, you can buy a Boma Yangu home within the city.

How Does One Apply for Boma Yangu?

You must be a Kenyan citizen over 18 years old to qualify for this scheme. To register, all you need is your National Identity Card.

Registration can be done via the website. Alternatively, you can register on the e-citizen government services portal.

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“… in the future, Boma Yangu services will be accessed through the eCitizen platform… The new and improved system is designed to offer enhanced performance and reliability and a better user experience for all” PS Charles Hinga from the Ministry of Housing and Urban Development intimated.

What is the Boma Yangu Home-Buying Process?

Once registered, you can contribute to your savings fund via a USSD code.

The mandatory contribution is capped at Ksh 2500. This contribution allows you to raise the 12.5% deposit required to qualify for an apartment.

Buyers must pay the balance over 25 years via a rent-to-own arrangement. This makes it much cheaper than a mortgage, as no interest is charged.

Once the deposit is paid, you will be allotted an apartment for which you will be required to pay until the full price is completed.

Alternatively, you can purchase a unit outright without using the long-term payment option. You can also use an affordable mortgage sourced via the Kenya Mortgage Refinance Company to buy the apartments.

Availability of affordable houses for sale within major cities is an added bonus for lower and middle income earners

Why You Should Consider Boma Yangu Projects

Boma Yangu’s affordable housing program is attractive because of their listings’ price point, and the project’s strategic location within the city or other metropolitan areas is a huge plus. Boma yangu has ongoing projects in Nairobi, Rongai, Mombasa, Ruiru, Nakuru, and Athi River.

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The proximity of the main projects to the Nairobi CBD makes them an ideal location for anyone looking to commute to work daily. With Nairobi projects located in areas such as Pangani, Starehe, Mowlem, and Ngara, the chances of value appreciation are high, making the apartments a worthy investment.

Currently, there is no restriction on the use of the unit, which means you can buy the apartment for investment purposes.

The video below gives a detailed process of owning a home as the President is taken through how one registers and goes through the entire process.

And in this video, we see how the Jua Kali sector has also benefited from this project.


How much is affordable housing in Kenya?

Houses in the Affordable housing scheme start from a low price of from Ksh 1.5 Million

What is the affordable housing program in Kenya?

According to Boma Yangu, The Affordable Housing Programme is a priority initiative under the government which is geared towards facilitating the production of decent, safe and affordable housing for citizens of Kenya.

How to register for affordable housing in Nairobi?

Potential homeowners interested in buying Affordable Houses under AHP can register on the Boma Yangu housing portal, make savings and select their housing preference.

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