Living in Limuru in Kiambu County

Limuru, located 30 kilometers northwest of Nairobi, is known for its mild climate and rolling tea hills as well as mix of colonial and modern architecture.

Living in Limuru town, Kenya

Limuru is a local town in Kenya with a population exceeding 150,000, as per the 2019 census.

The town’s population has been steadily increasing due to various factors that attract people to the region. Limuru is situated on the edge of the Great Rift Valley, approximately 30 kilometers from Nairobi. It is also not far from popular neighbourhoods such as Westlands, Runda, Muthaiga and Ruaka.

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For coordinates enthusiasts, Limuru can be accessed at 1°06’28.0″S, 36°38’34.0″E.

Let’s now look at what you need to know about Limuru town.

Limuru’s Climate

Limuru is one of the coldest towns in Kenya, yet Kenyan youths have developed a tendency to gather in tea farms on weekends for recreation.

For those who have never been to Limuru, the place experiences cold weather throughout the year, with temperatures dropping as low as 10 degrees Celsius in July. To cope with the low temperatures, residents in the region adopt various measures to stay warm, especially children. Some ladies have embraced the practice of wearing trousers, heavy jackets, scarves, and marvins.

Living in Limuru town, Kenya

Additionally, for those living in Limuru, visiting butcheries in the evening for mutura or bone soup has become a common practice just to keep warm. As for others, sitting around the fireplace and drinking hot tea is the norm just to keep warm.

Transportation and Accessibility

Limuru has well-maintained roads, and accessing the town is generally easy, except for foggy mornings
when both drivers and pedestrians need to be cautious to avoid accidents.

With numerous palatial residential homes being constructed in Tigoni, many roads have been built, making crucial places easily accessible whenever the need arises.

The newly built western bypass also allows motorists to easily access the town from Nairobi.

Housing in Limuru

Limuru is emerging as a sought-after residential haven, thanks to its stunning views amidst tea-covered hills, providing a serene escape from urban clamor. Situated just 30 kilometers northwest of Nairobi, it strikes a perfect balance, offering tranquility while maintaining proximity to the city.

Residents enjoy the best of both worlds, with modern amenities seamlessly integrated into the natural beauty of the landscape.

Multi-use developments such as Tilisi have sprouted in the last couple of years to meet the growing demand of housing.

Apartments for rent in Limuru

Apartments for sale in Limiru

Houses for rent in Limuru

Houses for sale in Limuru

Schools in Limuru

Living in Limuru is advantageous because it means you have access to quality services, including schools. Limuru and its neighborhoods boast prestigious schools such as:

  • Limuru International School
  • Loreto Girls High School,
  • Limuru Girls High School,
  • among other international schools.

Hospitals and Clinics in Limuru

In terms of healthcare, Limuru residents can visit:

  • Limuru Cottage Hospital
  • Nazareth Hospital
  • Ngecha Health Center
  • Limuru Health Center
  • Limuru Valley-Med Diagnostics Center
  • Tigoni Level 4 Hospital

Local Business Activities and Economy

Limuru is among the fortunate towns in Kenya that have several companies, providing the locals with a
source of employment. The town boasts several tea estates and is home to one of the biggest industries
in East and Central Africa such as the Bata Shoe Company, which specializes in shoe making.

Living in Limuru town, Kenya

Limuru Town also has various shops catering to the needs of the locals, allowing people to buy what they want at any time.

Landmarks and attractions

Despite Limuru being cold and foggy in some of its coldest months, the place has various tourist
attractions, and locals always have the opportunity to visit some of the most scenic places in the region.

The Buxton tunnel is one great example. It is one of the longest train tunnels in Kenya.

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Scary Buxton Tunnel in Kenya

Limuru Town is known for tea production in Kenya, but the town has, in recent times, gained notoriety
for people partying in the tea farms alongside the roads. The tea farms offer breathtaking views,
especially on days when the sun is shining or just during the day when it’s not raining.

Apart from tea farms, Limuru locals enjoy picnic sites like Eco World Safaris, Thayu Farm Hotel, Mlango
Farm, and Kawamwaki Farm. Others go as far as visiting the Rift Valley viewpoint, a very popular stop over for travelers.

There are also a number of restaurants and member clubs in Limuru including Kentmere Club and Limuru Country Club.

Living in Limuru town, Kenya

Other great sights and landmarks include:

  • Tũrĩ A Mũmbi Art Center
  • The Redhilll Art Gallery
  • Brackenhurst
  • Buxton Tunnel
  • Browns Cheese Farm

Facts about Limuru

  • Residents in Limuru rely mostly on farming
  • Limuru is blessed with fertile soils
  • Limuru is home to African writer Ngugi Wa Thiong’o
  • Limuru is an indigenous home to many donkeys
  • Limuru is in Kiambu County
  • White settlers opted for Limuru due to its proximity to Nairobi County.
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