How to Win as a Real Estate Investor

Like any other type of investment, investing in real estate requires you to know what you are getting yourself into. You should know the pros and cons of investing and you also need to be ready to put in time and effort for it to succeed.  

Large amounts of money go into real estate investing and most times, when people are dealing with a lot of money and don’t know what they are doing, they get nervous and give up altogether. 

However, there are habits you can cultivate that will help you take a leap of faith in becoming a successful real estate investor. Here’s how. 

1. Have a Solid Plan

If the pandemic is anything to go by, we’ve seen how life can change in an instance. The first thing to do before investing in real estate is to have a plan and think about: 

  • The investment returns: how much you want to make and within what duration. 
  • The type of property: is it commercial or residential property?
  • Which location you are thinking of investing in.
  • The risk you can handle. 

Think about factors that could affect your investment and have a contingency plan in place to help you tackle any unforeseen changes. 

You can not invest in anything and assume that things will just work out without you putting in the work to educate yourself. Take your time to learn about mortgages, people’s income levels and their buying habits. 

You have to know what you are investing in, the potential risks involved, how the market has performed in the past and the current trends to predict what to expect from your investment and help you succeed in your investment plans. 

3. Conduct Thorough Due Diligence

Successful real estate investors know how and what questions to ask before investing in any property. They take time to research the company selling the property, the property itself and the risk involved in the investment. 

Like any type of investment, scammers are always looking to prey on naive investors. To avoid getting scammed, conduct proper research and don’t pay for anything in a rush or without consulting the right people. 

4. Have the Right Team

Successful real estate investors have the right team by their side because they understand that it is not possible to know everything and do it all by themselves. They have supportive friends, a property lawyer, an accountant or a financial advisor who will guide them in their investment journey. 

Additionally, they understand the importance of networking. Creating the right business partners will set you apart from the rest. 

5. Invest with Facts not Emotions

Sometimes when you see a property you like, it is easy to get stuck on it and want to invest in it without looking at other options. This could mean losing out on better deals or properties that could end up saving you money. 

Pay attention to all the details; get someone to inspect the property fully, who owns the property, how long it has been on the market and the neighbourhood you’re investing in.  

Work with facts and figures, this is the only way to make a solid investment ensuring that you get the right returns. 

6. Have a Great Reputation

Successful investors hold themselves to high standards because they have a good reputation to maintain. They are honest and listen to their partners and clients while resolving problems immediately they arise.  

For instance, if people know you to be a good landlord, you will never lack tenants in your property. The worst thing would be investing huge amounts of money only for you to struggle to find tenants. 


Real estate investing requires proper planning, expertise, focus and patience. Think long term if you want to see your hard work come to fruition. 

Maureen Mbithe
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