5 Cheapest Areas to Buy Land in Kenya

The real estate market in Kenya has shown consistent growth over the years, making land a solid investment choice.

5 cheapest areas to buy land in Kenya
  • Kenyans view land ownership as a sign of security and prosperity.
  • Investing in land in Kenya offers substantial potential for returns, given the consistent growth in the real estate market.
  • Affordable land options with significant growth potential can be found in Malindi, Machakos, Nanyuki, Athi River, and Kitengela, each offering unique investment opportunities.

For many Kenyans, land is considered a tangible symbol of security and prosperity. Owning land is considered to be a dream investment for many Kenyans.  However, as land prices continue going up in major towns,  finding affordable options becomes difficult, whether you are a seasoned investor or an eager first-time buyer. 

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Investing in land has a significant potential for returns. The real estate market here has shown consistent growth over the years, making land a solid investment choice. As the population expands and urbanization continues, the demand for land for housing and commercial purposes remains on the rise. 

Additionally, Kenya’s stable political climate and improving infrastructure add further value to land investments. Unlike other assets, land is a tangible asset that you can see and touch, offering a sense of security. Plus, it’s a versatile investment – you can choose to develop it immediately or hold onto it for appreciation over time. 

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So, whether you’re looking to build your dream home or explore commercial ventures, buying land in Kenya is a smart move with the potential for long-term returns.

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This guide is for those seeking cost-effective opportunities, revealing areas across Kenya where land remains reasonably priced, yet brimming with potential for growth and development.

Here are the top 5 areas in Kenya where land is affordable:

5 cheapest areas to buy land in Kenya


Malindi stands out as a unique opportunity for land investment. Malindi, a charming coastal town tucked away on Kenya’s eastern shores, has consistently fascinated both local residents and global visitors alike with its surprisingly budget-friendly land offerings. Given its status as an agricultural paradise with rich, fertile soils, an inviting climate, and its close proximity to the Indian Ocean, it is anticipated that land prices here would be on the rise.

Is Malindi a good place to invest?

Malindi town has for a long time been very quiet and not busy. But recently, more and more investors and real estate developers have become interested in this area in Kilifi County, especially in Malindi town. The reason? The land here is quite affordable. The main business in Malindi is farming. People grow fruits like lemons and oranges and also have coconut trees. They also grow basic foods like millet, rice, and sugar cane. Additionally, there are many cattle farms here.

Malindi boasts some of the world’s most stunning beaches, vibrant marine parks, and a range of water sports like windsurfing and kite surfing. Coupled with its exceptional cuisine, this creates a prime opportunity for property investors. The potential for generating lucrative rental income in Malindi is substantial, catering to both local and international tourists.

How much is land in Malindi?

Land in Malindi offers a unique opportunity for budget-conscious investors. Currently, an acre of land in this captivating coastal town is priced at approximately 350,000 Kenyan Shillings. This remarkably affordable rate makes Malindi an attractive destination for those seeking to invest in real estate without breaking the bank.

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Machakos, also known as Masaku, is a Kenyan town situated 63 kilometers southeast of Nairobi. Its population has been experiencing rapid growth. The town is characterized by its beautiful hilly landscape, with numerous family farms in the surrounding areas.

Is Machakos a good place to invest?

Machakos stands as a prime investment destination with its strategic location and business-friendly environment, drawing both global and local brands to the region. Its proximity to Nairobi, just a short distance from the capital, offers investors seamless access to the city while running operations in Machakos. The county’s strong security record ensures the safety of investments, providing peace of mind for businesses.

Additionally, Machakos boasts a well-educated workforce, particularly the Kamba community, instilling confidence in hiring decisions. Abundant competitive opportunities span various sectors like real estate, transport, agriculture, and services, promising sustained wealth accumulation. Notably, the county’s robust infrastructure, spearheaded by the local government, cements Machakos as a premier investment hub, facilitating the growth and prosperity of businesses in the region.

How much is land in Machakos?

An acre of land stands at approximately 2.7 million Kenyan Shillings. This valuation positions Machakos as a region with competitive land prices, making it an attractive destination for potential investors and individuals looking to secure property in this thriving area.


Nanyuki is the face of Laikipia County, located between Meru and Nyeri counties. For a long time, it was mostly known for big farms and wide-open spaces. But now, things are changing. More and more people are coming here to build houses and enjoy holidays. Nanyuki has a lot of different places to stay and enjoy. Because of this, it’s becoming a popular spot for people looking for homes. 

Is Nanyuki a good place to invest?

Yes, Nanyuki is indeed a promising location for investment. Its strategic position, coupled with a thriving economy and improving infrastructure, creates a favorable environment for development. The rising demand for both residential and commercial properties offers investors a prime opportunity to capitalize on their land and realize profitable returns. Recent infrastructural enhancements, such as the Nanyuki airstrip expansion and the ongoing Lapsset project, have further facilitated accessibility and business prospects in the area. Additionally, Nanyuki’s appeal as a tourist hotspot ensures a steady demand for real estate, presenting an advantageous scenario for investors looking to transform popular tourist areas into holiday accommodations or lodges.

How much is land in Nanyuki?

Despite the growing demand for land in Nanyuki, land prices remain relatively affordable compared to other towns in the country. Land in Nanyuki is currently valued at approximately 3.5 million Kenyan Shillings per acre.

Athi River

Athi River, situated just outside Nairobi in Machakos County, Kenya, takes its name from the Athi River that flows through it. It’s also commonly referred to as Mavoko. The Athi River suburb, located within Machakos County, is frequently characterized as a swiftly expanding residential zone adjacent to Nairobi. This growth can be attributed to the numerous housing projects, both established and in progress, that define the area’s real estate landscape.

Is Athi River a good place to invest?

Athi River presents a promising investment opportunity. The town’s remarkable growth can be attributed to several key factors. Notably, improved infrastructure, including the presence of the Standard Gauge Railway (SGR) station, has played a significant role in driving this expansion. Additionally, Athi River is home to the Export Processing Zone (EPZ) and hosts several prominent factories in the construction industry. These include well-known names like Mabati Rolling Mills, Bamburi Cement, and Mombasa Cement among others. A report by Cytonn Investment underscores Athi River’s investment potential, ranking it as the second best-performing residential area in Kenya. It achieved an impressive 6.7 percent return on investment, further affirming its status as an attractive destination for potential investors.

How much is land in Athi River?

As of the current market rates, land in Athi River is valued at approximately 12 million Kenyan Shillings per acre. This pricing reflects the town’s growing popularity and potential for investment, positioning Athi River as a noteworthy destination for those seeking real estate opportunities in Kenya.


Kitengela, a peaceful town just 30 kilometers from Nairobi County, has rapidly evolved from its humble beginnings as a Maasai grazing area. With its strategic location, affordable housing, and proximity to Nairobi, Kitengela has become a hotspot for residential and commercial development. 

Is Kitengela a good place to invest?

Kitengela is growing fast, especially in businesses and houses. Many people are moving here because of the new jobs and places to live. This boom is attributed to the growing population in Nairobi, driving demand for housing and industrial zones. Kitengela is also getting more factories and big buildings. This means more jobs for people. Plus, building things here is not too expensive, so Kitengela is becoming a big area for real estate.

How much is land in Kitengela?

Land in Kitengela is currently priced at approximately 15 million Kenyan Shillings per acre.

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