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Ngong is a fast-growing town located in the southern part of Kenya. It is close to the Ngong Hills slopes. Thanks to the affordable houses, serene nature and quiet environment, it has become a place where many people are buying land . It is no longer a county known for farming activities; there are banking institutions, malls, commercial and residential property, schools, restaurants and many more social amenities.


ngong kajiado county


If you happen to visit Ngong town, you might be in luck and see some beautiful old houses that were built during the colonial era. You can’t compare how it was back in the day and the current look. There were no shops, no buildings, all you could see were the Maasai herding their animals and performing agricultural activities. It was such a small town that most people knew each other.


Ngong was mostly occupied by the Maasai community but other communities have since moved there. You will find it a lot of couples that have intermarried with the Maasai. The Maasai consider their cattle as a source of wealth, hence will use it to pay as dowry.


If you want to live in a place where people won’t just pop in uninvited because of the distance from Nairobi, Ngong should be at the top of your list. This means that, if you work in Nairobi, you will have to leave your house before 6.30 am to get to the office on time.


Your child’s education is of atmost importance when you are moving to a new neighbourhood. There is PCEA Enchoro Emuny Primary School is a Private Primary School, Citam Schools Ngong, Greeyard Junior School, Ol’Keri Secondary School, Serare School, ACK Emmanuel Education Centre, AIC Ngong Hills Primary, Calvary Baptist Academy, Naramat Academy, Memusi Academy, Najile Boys Secondary School, Oloolaiser High School, Masai Girls High School, and Enoomatasiani Girls Secondary School.


When in Ngong, you must visit Kompass. The food you eat will leave you feeling like you just ate a home-cooked meal. The rustic decor, Maasai themed decor gives the place an inviting and cozy look to it. There is also a snack bar where you can order alcoholic drinks and relax with your friends at the verandah.

Other places to eat in Ngong are Osirua Bar & Restaurant, Bonapet Cafe, Break Point Sports Bar & Restaurant, Samaki Empire, Table 54, The Choco Cafe, Pizza Inn- Milele Mall, Jari Inn Bistro and Halal and Twayyibah.


If you or your family member falls ill, there are a number of medical facilities in Ngong to visit: Miliki Afya clinic in Ngong Town, Aga Khan University Ngong Medical Center, Zamzam Medical Services, Faith – Dental Clinic. In case you want a rehabilitation centre, there is the Ngong Physiotherapy and Rehabilitation Center. You could also drive to Karen Hospital which is not far away from the town.

Shopping Malls

Major malls in Ngong include Ngong Milele Mall, Olepolos Shopping Center. If possible, visit the Karen Shopping Center.

Things to Do


Remember we mentioned Compass restaurant up there? There are more things to do when you visit. Organize with a bunch of friends to go for Ziplining, Archery or riding Quad Bikes. It’s also a common place to have your office team buildings.

Ngong Hills

A great weekend plan is driving to Ngong Hills. You could either climb the hills if you are a fitness fanatic or simply carry food and have a picnic while enjoying the scenery. It’s a beautiful place to get away to.

Amboseli National Park

You don’t always have to do the same thing every weekend with your friends. Why not take a drive and go see some wildlife? It’s a top tourist destination for people who come to Kenya.

Lake Magadi

Lake Magadi is an amazing scenic destination for birdwatching and nature lovers, this is the place you’ll see different species of birds including pelicans and flamingos. Around the lake, there are wildlife such as hyenas, wildebeests, giraffes and more.

Nyiri Desert

Did you know we have a dessert that looks like the Dubai one? It’s actually close to the border of Tanzania east of Lake Magadi between Amboseli and Tsavo West National Park.

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