Syokimau: An Affordable Town to Start a Family

Syokimau continues to be one of the top searched satellite towns on BuyRentKenya. Find out why people are moving out of the Nairobi city to Syokimau.

Syokimau Neighbourhood guide

Located in the Southern side of Nairobi is Syokimau, a satellite town which is both residential and commercial. Syokimau got its name from a Kamba medicine lady called Prophetess Syokimau who made predictions of white people coming to Kenya and the construction of the Kisumu-Mombasa railroad.


Syokimau’s predictions came true in the 20th Century when the Kenya-Uganda Railway was constructed. It runs all the way from Mombasa to Kisumu. And the white people did come to Kenya.

Syokimau (the place) continues to be known as one of the fastest growing satellite towns in Kenya with more people choosing to live there with their families because of its affordability. It is located close to the Jomo Kenyatta International Airport, one of the busiest airports in Africa.

Property Prices


The more people move to Syokimau, the higher the property prices. According to BuyRentKenya’s property price trends, Syokimau has seen a 4% increase in the rental price within the past 3 years. A 2 bedroom apartment in Syokimau goes for approximately Kshs 30,000 while the same one in Kilimani is Kshs 75,000.


Property prices in Nairobi continue to skyrocket at an alarming rate which makes it difficult for people to live and even dream of owning property. Because of this, there has been a boom in residential property in Syokimau. Also, more companies such as Airtel, KQ, Standard Group, Liquid Telcom and more have their offices on Mombasa Road which increases demand for residential property around the area.


Owning land in Kenya is now a dream come true. People with families are looking for spacious compounds and an environment where their children can play. Syokimau is the place to invest in. It will cost you less to buy a piece of land in Syokimau than the same land in Nairobi.  The commuter train at Syokimau Railway Station makes it easier to move around and avoid the Nairobi traffic; another reason why people prefer staying in Syokimau.

Schools in Syokimau

Syokimau is an excellent place to call home, especially if you have children or you intend on getting some. They have good schools which are close to the residence; hence your child not getting stuck in traffic while commuting to and from school. Whether you are looking for Montessori schools in Syokimau or international schools, there are various schools to select. Syokimau schools include Syokimau Blessed Assurance Academy, The Daniel School, Almasi School, St. Francis of Assisi Mlolongo, Zuwena International School, Acacia Plains Academy, Mt. Sinai Primary School, Viraj International Academy, and many more.

Restaurants in Syokimau

As an upcoming satellite town, there are not many restaurants in Syokimau like in Nairobi.  Pot Afrique Restaurant is an African restaurant located 5 minutes away from the airport in Easy Hotel which serves African, Indian and Continental cuisine.

Another restaurant in the Easy Hotel is Lulu Terrance which has a beautiful, and cosy ambience offering tasty food. It also has an amazing view of the surrounding areas like the airport and the Syokimau Train Station.

Maverick’s Restaurant at the Gateway Mall is a new restaurant and wine bar that specializes in different cuisines like seafood, steaks and much more. They also sell amazing coffee made by their in-house barista.

Secret Ingredients is on the 2nd floor of the Gateway Mall offering Goan and barbecue foods that will leave your taste buds craving for more. Let’s not forget T. Tot with the best samosas in town. Ask anyone who has had them before and you will get some really positive reviews of the place located in Mlolongo.

Hospitals in Syokimau

Being outside of Nairobi, it is very easy to panic when a medical emergency comes up with no access to medical facilities. But worry not. You don’t have to drive all the way to Nairobi to get help. There are medical facilities in Syokimau which include: Syokimau Health Center, Aga Khan University Medical Center, Vantage Health Care, Baspen Syokimau Cottage Hospital, and Ecopharm Health Services.

Shopping Malls

When you travel to another county such as Machakos or Mombasa, Syokimau has a number of malls to stop at. Strategically located close to the Airport is Gateway Mall which provides an all-in-one shopping experience. Signature Mall is beautiful, spacious and advanced considering where it is situated (outside Nairobi). These malls have banks, ATMs, retail stores, pharmacies, restaurants, supermarkets, entertainment spots for the kids and ample parking spaces.


The railway transport services in Kenya continue to grow with the introduction of the Standard Gauge Railway (SGR) network. As it is popularly known as The Madaraka Express train, makes two round trips in a day to and from Mombasa and doesn’t stop along the way during the journey. It will make a stop over at Athi River, Emali, Mtito Andei, Miasenyi, Mariakani and Kibwezi. When you get back to Nairobi using the SGR, there is a commuter train which can take you to the CBD.

If you are commuting from Nairobi to Syokimau, it is now easier to get around thanks to the commuter train in Syokimau which offers services in the morning and evening helping you avoid the Mombasa road traffic. In addition, you will avoid the fare hikes in a matatu and pay a standard rate. If you happen to be traveling in any of the locations before you get to Mombasa, you can leave your car at the train station. You will pay for parking and there is adequate security.

Things to Do

Visit the African Heritage House

Just as the name suggests, this place is full of African culture and art from all over the continent. This place is tranquil, breath-taking, serene with amazing decor. It’s a different experience that will leave you feeling educated, inspired, and eager to tell more friends to visit. Not to forget the food. It’s delicious and scrumptious.

Club With Your Friends

Do you live for the nightlife? You will love going out in Syokimau and spending time with your friends in these clubs: Lounge 254 at the Gateway Mall, Club Xenon, and the locals in the area.

Take a Train Ride

If you have never taken the train before, this is your opportunity to do so and see Nairobi in a different light. A train ride costs approximately Kshs 50 which departs Syokimau to Nairobi at 6.55 am and 9.05 am and leaves Nairobi to Syokimau at 8.05 am, 5.55pm and 7.55pm.

 Look at Wildlife

The beautiful scenic environment when it comes to wildlife is one that sets us apart from other parts of the continent. The SGR runs in the middle of the Nairobi National Park which means you get to see wildlife such as buffaloes, giraffes, elephants, hyenas, cheetahs, rhinos, leopards and a wide variety of bird species.


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