7 Ways to Improve Your Real Estate Customer Service

Real estate is a customer service industry and how well you work and support your clients goes a long way in getting and retaining clients.

Real estate customer service

Did you know that clients are twice as likely to share their bad customer service experiences than good ones? Real estate is a customer service industry and how well you work and support your clients goes a long way in determining how long you stay in this field. With this in mind, it is important to ensure that your clients are receiving the highest quality service at all times. 

Statistics show that the primary reason agents loose clients is because of poor customer service. The most successful real estate professionals know the importance of good customer service and make a special effort to develop a good rapport with clients. 

If you are in the real estate industry, the following guidelines and recommendations will go a long way in helping you develop a high level of client service that will result in devoted clients and positive brand recognition.

Timely Responses

In today’s fast paced internet world, clients expect prompt responsive service. Being responsive entails swiftly responding to emails and phone calls. You should be able to respond quickly to inquiries from clients. This means keeping later hours or making yourself reachable by phone or email beyond regular business hours. This will help in building trust and confidence by demonstrating availability.

A good CRM( Customer Relationship Management) is necessary for managing customer interactions and being able to respond fast. A prompt reaction gives candidates confidence to address their wants with clients. When a client is there for them when they need them, customers feel safe and secure. They believe they can contact their service provider if there is a problem, which forges a bond that could eventually lead to loyalty.

Anticipate Clients Needs

A good real estate agent consistently knows the needs of  their clients and can anticipate their client’s wants and provide them even before they approach them. Professional real estate agents don’t wait for or assume that clients will express their preferences. 

When a client’s wish is fulfilled before they express it, it shows that you value them as a unique individual. To accomplish this, you must coordinate your systems and staff so that you can predict your clients’ needs before they express them.

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Provide Clients With Information

A client has a right to know the specifics of any upcoming contracts and transactions. Customers feel more empowered and less confused when they understand how the process works or what potential options, alternatives, or choices they might obtain from agreements.

By giving them the chance to understand how they might profit from details that are not generally known, you can keep clients and earn their loyalty to your services.

Make Business Easy for Clients

Customers can purchase, sell, or relocate properties in real estate at any time. Customers will be more loyal and likely to stay with you if you can make their lives easier, such as by facilitating online payments, providing them with automatic reminders to ensure on-time payments, and making it straightforward and user-friendly for them. 

Being online also involves social networking, it is an essential in the real estate industry and can help you generate more sales.  It is however not enough to just display your listings online; you must connect with your customers where they are most active. You must understand the client’s actual demands, be familiar with their search behaviours, and be present and active on social media platforms in order to have a strong online presence.

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Make Time for Your Clients

Try to maximize your time so that your audience will remember what you say. Customers will remember everything you say, so interact with them tactfully and with care. Stay away from making false promises and giving them incorrect information. If your customers later discover they were misled by you, it could damage their loyalty to you

Maintain Clear and Constant Communication

Communication skills are a must when it comes to providing excellent customer service in real estate. Effective customer service in the real estate industry begins with the capacity to communicate the essential information. You must be able to speak clearly, confidently, and effectively if you want to succeed as a real estate salesperson.

Face-to-face communication skills alone won’t cut it; you also need to be able to communicate effectively over the phone, via email, and on social media. Using powerful language is not the only aspect of communication. Speaking and writing honestly, distinctly, and briefly. Although majority of people do not like wordiness, your consumers will undoubtedly want to learn about all the details. Get to the point and tell them what they need to know. 

Gift Your Clients 

Remembering small details about your clients like their birthdays and anniversaries and gifting them helps in building loyalty. Clients feel valued and are more likely to buy more from you and also send referrals your way if you have a good relationship with them. 

In Conclusion

Customer service in real estate in Kenya

Great customer service is tailor made specifically for your clients. Your workplace interacts with clients every day. You need to learn about them and what they like, and tailor make the experience for them. It takes a lot of work, but it’s well worth it because you will win customers’ fiercest loyalty by making them feel cared for and foresee their needs.

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