A Short Guide to Writing Good Property Descriptions

In order to get property seekers interested in your property at the get-go, an enticing property description is needed. Here’s is a useful guide on how to do it

good property descriptions

Most real estate agents and developers who advertise know to get quality leads, you have to write good property descriptions. This sounds like a simple task. All you need to do is write the basics: a heading, features of the property and boom the leads will start coming in.

But that’s not how it works. You need to spend time on each section of the property description to woo potential property seekers. Help them visualize the feeling of being in your property from start to finish.

There is an art to writing property descriptions that sell. And we will let you in on exactly how to do it. Below is the property description format to follow.

1. Start with a captivating headline

property descriptions

You can’t make the first impression twice. Your headline is the first thing people will see when searching for property. It is usually the introductory short text that will accompany your property images. This is what determines whether they will stop to learn more about your property or move to the other thousand available options online.

What makes a headline stand out?

It is specific. Providing enough details about your property ensures that you get the right target audience for your property. Include key features of the property you are advertising eg. size and style of the property, location and who you are targeting. Look at the property description examples below:

“Mixed-Use Property for Sale With Financing in Garden City.” Another example is “Spacious 1 Bedroom for Rent in Kilimani for the Working Class.”

2. Share a story in the description section

property description

This is the next important step of your property description. This is where most people will pay attention to once they are done reading your headline. Good descriptions not only focus on the features of your property, but they also tell a story of your property. They tap into the property seekers emotions by helping them envision what it would be like to live in that property.

Before investing in real estate, people take their time in making decisions to avoid making the wrong one. As an agent or developer, you’re not just trying to look for tenants or someone to buy your property, you are helping people decide by moving them closer to finding a place to call home.

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The description is where you will include the main features of a house: size, bedrooms, bathrooms, location and other added features like internet connection, a garden, gym, swimming pool, e.t.c. A description should leave a property seeker curious to want to inquire more about your property. Use your creativity in this section.

“X Apartments has a manicured landscape with ample parking which has 20 slots. The property entrance has a driveway leading to the main door which excludes you from noise on the road. The swimming pool is the perfect place to hold parties with your friends and loved ones. Next to the pool is the newly constructed gym.”

3. Take Clear Photos

Your listing photos help property seekers to see how your property looks like before they can visit the place physically. It is important to spend time taking good photos of the most important parts of the house to entice people to give you a call to inquire further.

4. Location. Location. Location.


We can’t emphasize this enough. Apart from the house, you want to rent or sell, you’re also selling the neighbourhood. Give details about what’s happening in the surrounding areas. Depending on whom you are targeting, you should include important amenities present in the neighbourhood such as the age bracket of the people who live there, schools, shopping malls and any other special features the house might have. You’ll be surprised that people are looking for simple things like serenity.

5. The Call to Action

Most people forget this part, the call to action. This is where you want to tell people what to do once they are done reading your property description. Do you have a show house ready for viewing? Do you want people to get in touch with you for more inquiries?

This is how to increase leads for your property. You would rather get a few quality leads that will convert than get thousands who will waste your time when it’s time to follow up. Always remember quality over quantity.

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EABL, Formerly at BuyRentKenya
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