Top 5 Best Tiny Houses in Kenya

The tiny house movement represents a fascinating spectrum of possibilities, where homes range from as small as 50 square feet to 400 square feet

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  • A tiny house is any dwelling space that falls under a maximum of 500 square feet.
  • Tiny houses focus on affordability, sustainability, and minimalism, they represent a refreshing approach to homeownership in Kenya. 
  • Kenyans are slowly embracing tiny houses as a viable solution to affordable housing

In the world of housing, the tiny house movement represents a fascinating spectrum of possibilities, where homes range from as small as 50 square feet to 400 square feet. These compact dwellings can be found perched on wheels, gently floating on platforms, firmly anchored to foundations, and even ingeniously transformed from vehicles like school buses into cozy living spaces.

In Kenya where the cost of traditional homes can be daunting, tiny houses offer a refreshing and affordable housing trend. These compact abodes are not just budget-friendly to build but also maintain, with lower utility bills and reduced maintenance costs. It’s a smart way to achieve homeownership without being burdened by a hefty mortgage, freeing up finances for other life goals and experiences.

Reasons To Live in Tiny Houses

At its core, the tiny house movement embodies the art of extreme downsizing and embracing minimalism. It champions the idea that by shedding the excess, we allow the essential aspects of life to shine brightly. Living in a tiny house can be an appealing choice for several reasons:

  • Affordability: Tiny houses are typically more cost-effective to build and maintain than traditional homes. They offer a path to homeownership without the burden of a large mortgage, making them an attractive option for those looking to reduce their housing expenses and financial stress.
  • Minimalist Lifestyle: Tiny houses encourage a minimalist way of living, emphasizing the importance of simplicity and decluttering. With limited space, residents are compelled to prioritize what truly matters, shedding unnecessary possessions and focusing on what brings them joy.
  • Environmental Consciousness: Tiny houses are often designed with sustainability in mind. They use fewer resources during construction and have a smaller carbon footprint. Features like solar panels and composting toilets can further reduce their environmental impact, making them an eco-friendly housing choice.
  • Fulfilling home ownership dreams: Tiny houses turn the dream of homeownership into reality. With lower construction costs and mortgage-free possibilities, they offer an attainable path to having a place to call home, nurture aspirations, and create cherished memories.
  • Flexibility and Mobility: Tiny houses on wheels provide the freedom to relocate easily. This mobility can be enticing for those who enjoy traveling or desire a change of scenery without the hassle of traditional home buying and selling.
  • Customization: Tiny houses can be customized to fit individual needs and preferences. Whether it’s a minimalist design, a cozy cabin aesthetic, or a modern and sleek interior, tiny houses offer flexibility in creating a unique living space.

Tiny Houses in Kenya

Here are some examples of tiny houses in Kenya:

500K 2 Bedroom Tiny House

This tiny house was initially featured on Facebook by Kenya Projects Budget Homes, priced at KSh 500,000 and equipped with essential amenities. Despite its surprisingly small size, this two-bedroom dwelling includes a kitchen, a bathroom, and a living room. Social media buzzed with images of this diminutive two-bedroom residence, drawing attention to its compactness. 

500K house in Kenya - tiny houses in Kenya
Image from Tuko

It’s a challenge to overstate just how snugly this four-walled home is partitioned. Within its confines, you can manage to fit a sofa, a table, and a TV stand, but maneuvering around the space can prove quite demanding. Prospective buyers may need a skilled carpenter to custom-design small beds to fit snugly into the bedrooms. The bathroom might seem like a tight squeeze, but resourceful owners can find ways to adapt.

Kenyans continue to debate the economic viability of purchasing this property, with many asserting that half a million is still a fantastic bargain. Intriguingly, both the interior and exterior boast excellent finishing touches, featuring impeccably maintained walls and an appealing roofline. 

Nyambura Ndiba’s Tiny Container House

Amidst the scenic beauty of Kenya’s landscapes, in Kiambu County is Nyambura Ndiba’s container home. It stands as a captivating embodiment of the tiny house movement in the country. This innovative dwelling, crafted from repurposed shipping containers, exemplifies the essence of sustainable and artistic living within a modest space.

Nyambura Ndiba’s Tiny Container House - Tiny houses in Kenya

Located just outside Nairobi in Kiambu, this 500-square-foot abode defies traditional expectations, showcasing Nyambura’s resourcefulness through DIY projects, thrifted treasures, and creative design solutions. Her container home not only provides a cozy sanctuary but also inspires fellow Kenyans to explore budget-conscious and eco-friendly living options within their unique landscapes.

This tiny house has an open-plan interior, flooded with natural light, creating an illusion of expansiveness.  With aspirations to spearhead a tiny home revolution in Kenya, Nyambura’s dwelling serves as both a distinctive living space and a source of inspiration for those seeking to embrace sustainability and innovative design while celebrating the country’s breathtaking landscapes.

The Truck House in Machakos

In the landscape of tiny houses in Kenya, The Truck House in Machakos stands as a unique gem. This remarkable dwelling began as an ex-military truck discovered by its creator, Ian Wafula, who was drawn to the allure of compact living.

Transformed into a two-story wonder, The Truck House boasts a lush compound, manicured lawn, vibrant garden, and even an above-ground pool, making it a testament to both adventure and eco-friendly living. Its rooftop offers panoramic views of Kyumbi Hills, a perfect spot for sunset enthusiasts and stargazers alike. Inside, a blend of Afro and modern furnishings create a cozy ambiance, illuminated by warm lighting. This tiny house exemplifies the appeal of minimalism, simplicity, and sustainability, adding a unique chapter to Kenya’s tiny house movement. 

The Love Nest in Nanyuki

The Love Nest in Nanyuki offers a captivating glimpse into the tiny house movement in the country. Situated on a sprawling 150-acre wheat farm, this quaint cabin emerged during the height of the COVID-19 pandemic, born from the creative hands of owner Lenny Gitonga.

The Love Nest in Nanyuki - Tiny houses in Kenya

As lockdowns and travel restrictions altered his plans, Lenny decided to construct this rustic retreat, utilizing cost-effective methods such as sourcing wood from a family-owned sawmill. However, rather than letting it stand idle, he opened its doors to lovers seeking secluded getaways and solo travelers yearning to reconnect with nature.

This tiny cabin, complete with a kitchenette, dining area, and bedroom with farm views, exemplifies the appeal of simplicity, tranquility, and a deeper connection with the natural world, marking it as a charming addition to Kenya’s tiny house landscape.

The Brandy Bus

The Brandy Bus Cottage is an unconventional gem, a double-decker bus transformed into a two-story tiny home that accommodates up to six guests.

Set amidst lush gardens, the bus offers a serene escape, surrounded by the soothing sounds of diverse birdlife. Its proximity to the Giraffe Center, Karen Blixen Museum, and Daphne Sheldrick Elephant Orphanage ensures that guests can effortlessly explore Nairobi’s unique attractions while enjoying a stay that’s far from ordinary.


Living in a tiny house embodies the art of extreme downsizing and minimalism, allowing the essentials of life to shine brightly. It’s an appealing choice for several reasons: affordability, a minimalist lifestyle, environmental consciousness, fulfilling homeownership dreams, flexibility, and customization.

These compact dwellings offer a fulfilling way of life, resonating with individuals seeking to break free from conventional housing norms. In Kenya, where landscapes beckon, tiny houses invite you to embrace simplicity and sustainability, all while celebrating the country’s natural beauty.

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