What is The Procedure For Changing The Old Title Deed To The New Digital One?

In this article, we will look at how to change from the old title deed to the digital one. Also, you’ll learn how to check if your application is successful.

How to get digital title deed in Kenya

Digitization of title deeds is gaining momentum in Kenya, but one must first understand the process of converting old title deeds to new digital ones before delving into the entire procedure.

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When did the digitization take effect?

The digitalization of Kenya’s land records began in 2013, aligning with the Land Registration Act’s Sections 9 and 10.

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Section 9 empowers the Registrar of Lands to maintain a secure, accessible, and reliable register, including electronic files. Section 10 emphasizes public access, encouraging electronic means.

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Procedure for changing the old Title Deed to the new Digital one

How to get digital title deed in Kenya
  1. Visit the Land Registry in your land registration unit.
  2. Bring your original old Title Deed, National ID card, affidavits, or identification documents.
  3. Complete LRA Form 97 (Application form) and attach your identification documents.
  4. The Land Registry staff will vet your application.
  5. The old Title Deed will be canceled, and a new Title Deed will be issued.

Procedure for checking the Digital Title Deed

In the digital realm, title deeds will be integrated into an online platform, allowing seamless payments for record access through M-Pesa, credit cards, or debit cards, similar to existing systems implemented by NTSA/KRA.

This streamlined process empowers buyers to conduct an internet-based land inquiry effortlessly, employing these straightforward procedures:

  1. Log into the e-Citizen platform and create an account
  2. Navigate to the Ministry of Land and physical planning and select the land search option
  3. Input the title number and complete the online land search form
  4. Confirm that all the details are correct before submitting the form
  5. Select your preferred payment option: either M-Pesa, credit card or a debit card
  6. Once the payment is successful, you may proceed to print the results

Advantages of having a Digital Title Deed

  1. Security: Digitizing title deeds ensures data security, protecting it from fraudsters and potential physical damage like fire incidents.
  2. Time Efficiency: The digitization of title deeds eliminates the need for long queues at records offices, providing Kenyans with swift and convenient access to their data.
  3. Cost Savings: Transitioning to digitalized title deeds proves cost-effective, allowing individuals to access information from the comfort of their homes and saving on transportation expenses.
  4. Corruption Prevention: The digitization process has reduced the manipulation of data by cartels, as online changes involve a coded and regulated procedure.
  5. Accuracy: A multi-agency approach ensures harmonized and accurate records for property details, covering survey, development, and ownership in a single portal.
  6. Ease of Access: Online access to land records has been streamlined, facilitating convenient retrieval, even for foreign landowners in Kenya.
  7. Harmonize land valuation: Many pieces of land in Kenya are overpriced. With the digitization of records, you can discover the real price of land.

The most asked question about digitization of land records

Despite the push to replace old Title Deeds with new Digital ones, one question has been asked repeatedly by Kenyans.

Some myths suggest that migrating to the digital era could alter ownership and land size. However, it’s crucial to understand that the Registry Index Maps (RIMs) will be generated from existing public survey plans data.

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The recently generated Registry Index Maps (RIMs) by the Lands Ministry are derived from survey plans featuring the original fixed boundaries. This ensures the accuracy and preservation of the property boundaries.

There’s no need to panic, as your acreage will be registered as is without any tampering.

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