Ardhisasa: Kenya’s Newest Land Information Management Tech

The Kenyan government has Ardhisasa, a new land information management technology set to improve the efficiency of land administration. Read on

Ardhisasa new land information system

The Ministry of Lands and Physical Planning in Kenya has Ardhisasa a new land information management technology, up and running. The system was designed and developed by Kenyan engineers and IT professionals to help the government and citizens keep track of land ownership and usage, as well as to streamline the process of issuing land titles. It is a web-based application that will be used by the ministry to manage land records, GIS data, housing information and title deeds. The system will also be used to monitor and control land use, as well as to collect revenue from land transactions.

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The Ardhisasa Technology And Its Capabilities

The Ardhisasa technology will allow users to manage, view, and update land records. The design includes a dashboard that displays land records, maps, and reports. The specific services offered include:-

  1. Land registration – Caution, charge, lease, registration of certificates of titles/lease, replacement of title, restriction, search, stamp duty and transfer
  2. Land administration – Pay land rent, subdivision, extension of lease, change of user, consent, lease preparation, extension of user, renewal of lease
  3. Physical planning – Approval of part development plans, planning documents requisition, certificate of compliance
  4. Survey and mapping – Subdivision, amalgamation, new grant, re-survey, sectional property, extension of lease, change of user
  5. Valuation – Asset valuation, government leasing, government purchase, estate administration, arbitration
  6. Adjudication and settlement – Adjudication, settlement
  7. National land commission – Land allocation

How To Register

The platform allows both individuals and corporations to register. As an individual, you will use your national identification card to create an account inputting both the serial number and ID number. Next, you will enter your email plus a phone number for the verification of your information.

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The ministry uses the contact information to communicate the progress of an individuals’ transactions. The last step includes uploading a passport photograph. Individuals who have the appropriate documentation for their profession can upgrade to a professional account to offer services to clients. This includes lawyers, land surveyors etc. However, they can only upgrade after registering for an individual account. 

As for companies, the registration process involves providing the company email address and KRA pin, company registration number, and official company phone number. 

How The Technology Will Impact Land Management In Kenya

This system will help to improve land management in Kenya by providing accurate and up-to-date information on land resources. The technology will also help to streamline the process of buying and selling land, that is registration and title transfer, as the main feature of Ardhisasa is the ability to track land ownership and land use.

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This will allow for better management of land resources, as well as improve transparency and accountability in the land sector. Ardhisasa will also help curb the corruption experienced in the sector.

The Pros And Cons of Ardhisasa

There are both pros and cons to this new system. Some of the pros include that it will be easier to track land records and ownership, as well as provide more accurate information on land availability. Additionally, the system should help to speed up the process of acquiring land titles. However, there are also some potential drawbacks to Ardhisasa.

One is that it may be difficult to change over to the new system, especially for smaller businesses and organizations. The platform has also faced challenges hindering its success because the validation process takes months and the data is incomplete.

Another thing is that foreigners cannot interact on the website yet, and traffic/slow systems are causing problems. Additionally, there is always the possibility that hackers could gain access to sensitive data stored in the system.

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In summary, one can simplify the platform and its use by quoting President Uhuru Kenyatta during the launch, “The system will resolve the land problem as it will provide an updated, verified database of land records that are easily available. The system will also ensure investors and those dealing with land are not confronted with warning signs such as ‘Plot not for sale’, ‘Danger’ and trespassers will be prosecuted.”

This new system has the potential to transform the way Kenyans interact with their land, and could lead to increased economic development and growth in the country. Are you ready to use the platform or have you already interacted with Ardhisasa? What has your experience been? Let us know in the comments section below.

Pauline Kyalo
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