What are the Best Colours to Paint a Living Room?

Looking to liven up your space and give your living room a total makeover for less? Here are creative colours that will give your home a totally new look.

best colours for your living room

During the house-hunting process, you’ll come across houses with all types of tiles and different colours which bring about confusion to the eye leaving your home looking boring. How can you choose the best colour to suit your style while adding energy and life to a room?

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Colours To Paint Your Living Room


Starting with the obvious colour, off-white keeps your home neutral which makes it easier to play around with other decor pieces such as furniture, wall paintings, throw pillows, plants and artificial flowers. Remember to stay away from pure white, your house ends up looking too bare and bland.

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blue living room

If you are looking for a sense of peace, this is your go-to colour. You might not know it but light blue gives the house a feeling of calmness and creates an environment where it is easy to resolve conflict while promoting harmonious living. Combine the blue with a shade of white on the ceiling to make the room look brighter and spacious.


This is a bold colour to pull-off but with the right shade, your house will look sophisticated and creative. To get a restful feeling, calm your emotions and manage your stress, think about the colour purple.

Sage Green

green living room paint

Not a familiar colour in many homes but it works perfectly to bring out an earthy feeling while creating a calm space. If your house has many windows, sage green will blend perfectly with the outside greenery. If you want to add some spark to your living room, paint a bright colour such as red, yellow or orange to break the monochromatic look.


Pink is a subtle and tender colour but it should be used sparingly to avoid making a house look girly or childish. For it to blend properly, you should not paint the entire wall pink, break it up with a colour such as off-white or accessorize with decor items like lampshades, furniture and throw pillows of a different colour.

Bright Red

bright red living room

Red is a powerful and bold colour. If you are struggling with self-esteem and confidence, red has the power to elicit feelings of being fearless and courageous. If you paint the walls red, the other decor items can’t be red as well. It will be too overwhelming to the eye and will make you want to paint your house again.

Orange & Yellow

Wondering how to add life to a boring living room space? Try orange or yellow paint. These 2 colours represent brightness, fun, happiness and a true sense of feeling alive. You could also use it on specific places of your house such as the window panes, the door, or one side of the wall while using another colour such as off-white to get that perfect blend.

What about the colour on the ceiling?

colour on the ceiling

For the longest time, most homes have had white ceilings. A lighter ceiling makes a living room look tall while a darker makes the room feel smaller. Use this simple colour guideline to help you pick the right colour for your living room to make it stand out with the least minimum effort.

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