#CSWeek2020 Message from the CEO, Lizzie Costabir

“I want to take this opportunity to say a big thank you to all of our business partners and the users of BuyRentKenya.” – BuyRentKenya CEO Lizzie Costabir.

Customer service week 2020

I want to take this opportunity to say a big thank you to all of our business partners and the users of BuyRentKenya.

Thank you to the Real Estate Agents, Developers, Landlords and Corporates for making BuyRentKenya the biggest real estate marketplace in the region. I am truly honoured and humbled that together, we get to deliver quality, convenience, transparency and professionalism to the market.

To our users, the property seekers and the real estate investors who have trusted BuyRentKenya as their go-to reference for everything real estate, thank you. Because of you, BuyRentKenya has the largest real estate community on social media and tens of thousands of visitors to the website every single day. 

This year, our industry, same as all others world over, suffered a major blow at the hands of Covid-19. We all feared for our business continuity and were generally uncertain of the future. 

It is during such trying times that relationships are put to the test, and I could not be more grateful and proud for how we have managed to lean on each other to overcome this challenge and continue delivering at the highest level. You are all amazing. 

As we celebrate this year’s Customer Service Week, let us take time and appreciate each other. We reflect on how much we missed our customers when Covid-19 almost paralyzed all business operations. Take time out this week and send a thank you message to your account managers, your new clients, your old clients, and your potential clients. Wish them well and thank them for being part of your business.

Lastly, I would like to wish a Happy Customer Service Week to all our employees who are very valuable to our organization…..We grow together, we prosper together.

Wishing safety and good health to our customers and their family. May you stay safe from COVID-19. 

We appreciate and value you. 

EABL, Formerly at BuyRentKenya
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