Co working: The Future Of Office Space in Kenya

Co-working spaces have disrupted the commercial real estate market and gained popularity as firms use them as a means of cost-cutting and saving money.

coworking the future of office space

Co-working spaces have disrupted the commercial real estate market and gained popularity as small and medium-sized firms use them as a means of cost-cutting. Simply put, these are shared workspaces that provide reasonably priced office space. 

They offer a variety of services and staff, including a receptionist and an office administrator who you would have otherwise had to hire. Furthermore, they take care of all the utility expenses like electricity. They also come with ready furniture , so all you need is to show up with your laptop and start working  . 

Co working spaces and serviced offices have recorded rapid growth over the last few years due to the increased demand from SME’s, maturing start ups and multinational companies. The increased interest is due to the flexibility that comes with serviced offices in comparison to traditional offices . This includes a flexible lease, and they do not require any start up costs. 

The modern corporate environment and the current post pandemic economy requires businesses to embrace the quickly evolving workplace culture. 

In this article, we take a look at how co working is shaping the future of work and how you or your business can be part of this revolution. 

Increased Collaboration

Regardless of different career disciplines, for workers to bond, they must engage in an environment that allows them to be near one another. Through designated gathering areas, co working spaces offer their members this closeness. Imagine a lounge where experts from different fields can gather to chat about their most recent projects over coffee. The environment makes it possible for members to interact without needing to plan specific networking activities.

Co working represents the future of work as it provides members with the chance for social engagement, professional collaboration, in addition to the essential business infrastructure. This can be especially helpful to entrepreneurs and freelancers who can network with coworkers in these spaces. They communicate with each other and build connections with one another that are mutually beneficial, allowing them to learn from one another’s failures and accomplishments.

Innovation and Technology

Another reason why co working spaces are influencing the future of work, is because they have a direct impact on employees’ productivity.

Office workers spend a lot of time inside their buildings, and various studies have shown that the atmosphere has a significant impact on how well they work and their productivity.

The comfort of the members needs to be considered when designing the typical co working space. The layout of the room should be carefully considered, as well as the seating, lighting, temperature, and noise levels. This guarantees that the members have what they require to be stay inspired and productive.

If you are thinking of starting a co working business, you must be extremely creative with your services, and space designs. Your objective should be to have carefully chosen interiors that are inviting, warm, and cozy. 

Green Workspaces

A green workplace that is one that is environmentally conscious, resource-efficient, and socially responsible. 

This is among the current trends in the workplace, people are moving towards designs that are green and eco-friendly workstations. Some co working spaces have started implementing this by using less plastic at work, harnessing solar energy, and recycling. Adding living plants to the workplace to ease employees’ tension and anxiety, promote sustainability and well-being, purify the air, and embellish the space.

In Conclusion

Co working spaces are proving to be major game changers in the redesign of the workplace. By promoting a flexible and collaborative work environment, they not only provide people plenty of freedom to flourish but also aid enterprises in taking a giant stride forward in terms of business expansion.

Working in shared work spaces is becoming increasingly popular, have you worked in a shared working space before? Comment below some of the unique things you have experienced in a shared work space. 

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