Century-Old Nairobi Residence on the Verge of Auction

This piece of history once belonged to the former Director of Medical Services in the colonial government, Dr. Albert Rutherford Paterson.

Century-Old Nairobi Residence on the Verge of Auction

Nestled within the serene heart of Karen lies a remarkable six-bedroom residence built over 100 years ago.

This piece of history once belonged to the former Director of Medical Services in the colonial government, Dr. Albert Rutherford Paterson, and is now at risk of falling into the hands of auctioneers. 

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This captivating house, set upon 20 acres of idyllic farmland, offers an uninterrupted panorama of the rolling Ngong Hills. 

It bore witness to Dr. Paterson’s life and the upbringing of his four children, currently belonging to former Cabinet Secretary Without Portfolio Raphael Tuju. Under his ownership, the house has been transformed into the Entim Sidai Wellness Centre and Spa, an exclusive retreat featuring six executive rooms, each available for a nightly rate ranging from Sh19,000 to Sh30,000.

Remarkably, the structure itself, despite its 100-year history, remains remarkably unchanged, except for a fresh coat of paint and essential plumbing upgrades.

Inside the 100 year house 

In front of the house stands a mugumo tree, a living relic of history that Dr. Paterson initially planted for a rather unconventional purpose – as a makeshift clothesline. According to Mercy, Hodari, a manager, Entim Sidai the doctor contemplated cutting down the tree when it served no further purpose.

However, he soon discovered that the Agikuyu community considered it sacred, prompting him to leave it untouched. Now, this venerable tree has witnessed 86 years of history.

Adding to the house’s unique character, Dr. Paterson made an interesting choice regarding its exterior. Instead of plastering the walls, he opted to maintain its original and rustic appearance, allowing the stone detailing to protrude naturally.

Century-Old Nairobi Residence on the Verge of Auction
Image from Business Daily – BELLA OSAKO

This choice was not only an aesthetic one but also practical, as cement was a precious commodity in those days. It had to be imported all the way from the UK and then transported by train to Nairobi, followed by a lengthy journey using ox carts from the railway station to Karen.

Given that Nairobi was primarily a dense forest at that time, the arrival of cement could take several days, making it an expensive and laborious endeavor.

Facing Auction 

This charming house, which once symbolized timeless elegance and Victorian-era allure, now stands at a crossroads. Unfortunately, it is entangled in an ongoing court battle between Mr. Tuju and the East African Development Bank (EADB), stemming from a substantial loan of $9.19 million (then Sh932.7 million) extended in July 2015.

These loans were originally acquired for various purposes, including the construction of a remarkable trio of three-story, flat-roofed mansions in the Entim Sidai vicinity, as well as the acquisition of the late Dr. Paterson’s 100-year-old house.

An Uncertain Future

As the legal proceedings unfold, the future of this historic house remains uncertain. Nevertheless, the Karen residence, now reimagined as a spa hotel, continues to offer an enchanting blend of Victorian-era charm and untouched natural beauty.

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Its unspoiled landscapes, invigorating fresh air, flourishing indigenous forests, fragrant herb garden, and outdoor massage rooms make it a haven of tranquility for those seeking relaxation and rejuvenation.

Whether you are an admirer of history or simply in search of a peaceful escape, this remarkable house in Karen promises an unforgettable experience, even as its destiny hangs in the balance during the legal dispute.

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