BuyRentKenya Gives 50% Discount to All Our Agents and Developers

In these uncertain times, businesses are offering their clients some sort of discount or financial reprieve. This is key not just to maintain healthy relationships, but also to ensure continuity of business. That is why we came up with a 50% discount.

To satisfy your needs and keep providing the services you know and trust, we asked ourselves, how can we make this experience during Covid-19 more bearable? How can we be better partners to you in such times?

  • This is the time to communicate and connect with your clients and customers
  • Don’t go off the grid because your customers will forget you once all this is over
  • Tap into the human side of your business right now and you will win

What is hurting most businesses is not knowing what will happen in the future. Then the issue of cash flow from a low revenue turnover. We understand this concern and want your business to continue growing even after this pandemic. Hence the 50% discount to all our agents, developers and banner ad clients. This will cushion you and give you more advertising opportunities that will grow visibility on your listings.

And fear not, people are still searching for property even during this crisis. There are more strict measures when it comes to viewing property. Also, agents and developers can come up with innovative ways of showing their properties by providing virtual tours and shooting more videos of the property.

Benefits of partnering with BuyRentKenya

benefits of partnering with BuyRentKenya

On the BuyRentKenya website, we are uploading more relevant and informative information to our property seekers, especially during these challenging times. The blog has the latest property news and advice. We also have real estate trend and statistics to help property investors make the right investment choices.

At BuyRentKenya, we have some of the best business partners and clients a company could wish for, people who have been loyal to us from the start. We create mutually beneficial relationships with you.

In such times, the most important thing to do as a business is to take care of the relationships you have with your clients and partners. Putting yourself in their shoes and trying to understand what they are going through and if there is any way you could help them.

We want to assure you that we are still committed to your business and operating daily to ensure that your account remains active. Remember, this offer is limited for a certain period. Get in touch with us to get these benefits. Terms and conditions apply: Open to all property agents, developers and banner ad clients.

Hurry! Take advantage of our best offer yet by calling your account manager to claim the offer.

Maureen Mbithe
Content Writer at BuyRentKenya
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