Analyzing BBS Mall’s Impact on Eastleigh’s Property Market

Big names brands expected to set up shop at BBS Mall including Giordano, Clinique, Estée Lauder, Fenty Beauty, Java, ArtCaffe, and LC Waikiki.

BBS Mall in Eastleigh. Analysing its impact on the property value of Eastleigh.
  • The recently launched Business Bay Square Mall is now the largest in East and Central Africa.
  • BBS Mall is a mixed-use development that rivals the Two Rivers Mall. The mall has a shopping complex, hotel, hospital, mosque, and residential apartments.
  • As of March 2023, Ruaka land prices after the opening of Two Rivers Mall had surged to 98.3 million per acre. This price is higher than an acre of land in Kitisuru, Runda, and Karen.

If you have ever been to Eastleigh, also coined ‘Small-Mogadishu’, then you must be familiar with the mayhem that exists.

Shopping at popular Eastleigh stalls, is usually a depressing experience due to the narrow roads and high traffic of cars and human beings.

Over the years, the experience has become so dreadful that it has led to the rise of personal shoppers who go shopping in Eastleigh on behalf of other people at a fee.

The newly established Business Bay Square Mall has eliminated this negative buying experience by providing a one-stop retail complex where shoppers can get everything they want under one roof. The mall boosts of 3500 stores and 2200 parking spaces, and its convenient location in Eastleigh makes it easier to shop hassle-free.

A modern Mall architecture.

BBS Mall Unlocks New Market Niche for Eastleigh

The ability to drive to Eastleigh, get parking space, and buy all you want under one roof will unlock a new market group that had previously chosen not to shop at Eastleigh altogether.

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This projected success will, in turn, lead to more traders seeking to get space to set up their shop in the mall.

A walk through the mall indicates that big-name brands are willing to set up in Eastleigh, which will also help bring in more clients.

Big name brands such as Giordano, Clinique, Estée Lauder, and LC Waikiki to set up shop in the mall

BBS Mall has undoubtedly impacted the façade of Eastleigh and increased its prospects as a budding economic region.

According to the BBS team, “Business Bay Square Mall is modeled to be a unique one-stop Centre for commerce that offers the ultimate shopping experience; Business Bay Square comprises several levels of retail space that include a Souk Market and a variety of shops.”

If you look at Two Rivers Mall’s impact in Ruaka, you can expect a similar ripple effect in Eastleigh. And being in a strategic location, the impact of the mall can be expected to be much greater.

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How Will the Mall Impact Property Values in Eastleigh?

There is bound to be an increased demand for housing around the mall by employees and businesspeople trading in the mall. This will, conversely, lead to increased rental incomes for property owners.

This surge in demand is projected to affect the property value in Eastleigh in the long run. While little land is left to develop, Eastleigh will experience gentrification, with old buildings being torn down to pave the way for newer, more modernized apartment complexes.


Who Owns The BBS Mall?

The BBS Mall is owned by Ten Commodities and Wholesalers Limited.

Is BBS Mall the biggest mall in Kenya?

With 130,000 square meters, BBS Mall is the biggest mall in Kenya toppling the title held by Two River mall.

Nixon Aswani - Content Strategist
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