7 Habits of Highly Successful Real Estate Agents

Successful real estate agents must manage the client’s expectations while developing their clientele. Here’s how to become a successful agent

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What do a lot of successful real estate agents have in common? They frequently share habits and qualities that help them become top performers in their field. It’s not simple to build a career in the real estate industry. To become a very successful real estate agent, you need a unique set of abilities, tenacity, a can-do attitude, and determination. Agents must manage the clients’ increasing expectations while working hard to develop their clientele.   Agents who want to succeed in the real estate industry must be willing to adopt certain traits and routines.

Habit formation is the foundation of your long-term success as a real estate agent. If you’re considering to become to a real estate agent, or are an experienced agent looking to increase sales, this article is for you.

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Consider some of these common practices that can contribute to success in the real estate field and you will start to see some good results in your business. 

1. Have Vast Knowledge of Your Neighborhoods

A good real estate agent understands their neighborhood and takes time to learn about what’s new and upcoming and also what makes that neighborhood unique. This means being well-versed in the area you are an agent. For example, if you are selling houses in Ruaka, you should be well-versed with the Ruaka neighborhood.

Keep up with what’s new, what sold recently, and any information on upcoming listings. At the same time, keep in mind that your clients, particularly new homeowners moving into the area, will be curious about nearby businesses, gyms, public transportation, and schools. They’ll look to you for insider knowledge, so get engaged in the community and familiarize yourself with the areas where you work.  Being able to answer these questions ensures that you are constantly providing value to your clients.

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2. Utilize Digital Platforms

Your online visibility is crucial. Social media can help you maximize your marketing efforts. If you aren’t already, it might be time to start using websites and social media for your real estate agency. One of the ways for attracting clients in real estate is to make the most of social media. Digital platforms, such as BuyRentKenya can be used to post ads of your listings and gain leads on your property. You can also use social media to demonstrate expertise in your field. You can write articles and showcase unique listings that will get you leads that you can then turn into sales.

Social media also allows you to respond to inquiries and pique interest in your postings, you can also pay for social media advertising and reach an even bigger audience. Ensure that you are interacting with your clients online, client interactions are crucial since it helps you come out as an authority in your industry.

3. Be an Effective Communicator

Successful agents have effective communication skills with customers, coworkers, and suppliers. They make an effort to constantly maintain a pleasant tone and are aware of when text messages and emails are suitable as well as when information is best provided over the phone or in person. Agents with strong interpersonal and communication skills can establish rapport quickly and complete tasks effectively.

Ask your customer the necessary questions regarding the kind of home they desire and other specifications. Knowing how your buyers wish to be updated about modifications to the property is also crucial. While some people may be content with a text message, others would anticipate a phone call with all the information on the housing project. All clients are different. 

Staying informed entails understanding market fluctuations, property values, interest rates, and recent real estate reports. The ability to understand and evaluate these figures enables agents to confidently assist their clients. Clients look to their agents for professional counsel, and effective agents are aware of the value of conducting their research.

Your clients will value your ability to answer any inquiries they may have about mortgages and home financing since they view you as the real estate authority. Although you don’t need to be an expert in mortgages, you should at least be familiar with the fundamentals because it helps to know what your clients are going through. Find one or more industry partners in the home financing sector to whom you may refer clients or seek advice.

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5. Listen to Your Clients

Being receptive to what your clients say they need is another trait that effective real estate brokers demonstrate. When looking for a property, the last thing a client wants is to work with an agent that feels they are right and disregards their needs.

Try your best to pay attention to what a client is saying if they have a specific need and strive to match them with a home that satisfies those requirements. Try to cross as many items off the client’s “must-have” list as you can, even though it’s not always practical to do so. This can be done by simply listening.

6. Give Timely Feedback

Customers detest not receiving a callback in a timely manner. Determine the best ways to contact them, and then give them a reasonable time frame so they will know when to expect a response from you. Ensure that responses are in less than 24 hours.

The most effective salespeople rapidly respond to phone calls and emails.

When you receive a lead, swiftly follow up and address any inquiries from clients or potential clients. This makes their clients feel valued by staying in touch with them both throughout and after the transaction.

7. Be Resilient

The last habit that is equally as crucial for any profession as it is in sales. You must possess resilience and the capacity to recover from difficult circumstances. You can be dancing with joy over real estate in the day and in tears about it in the evening.

Resilient people are aware that life will occasionally be difficult, but they never give up, no matter how many times they are knocked down.

Sadly, no reading and planning is enough to prepare you for the ups and downs of being a real estate agent. Don’t let this get in the way. Always pick yourself back up, dust yourself off, and continue working.


All the top real estate agents have routines that help them succeed in their careers. These habits can vary depending on the person, however, most people will include the aforementioned behaviors in their daily routines. There isn’t a single, tried-and-true method for building a profitable real estate business. Even so, implementing these habits throughout your life might help you establish a successful business regardless of the industry. 

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