Minazi Homes Takes Over Yukos Estate, in Kitengela

Have you ever visited a development with such superior architecture you didn’t want to leave? That will be the result upon viewing these dreamlike maisonettes

Minazi Homes
Minazi Homes

Kitengela, a part of Kajiado county, is now considered a pertinent addition to the larger Nairobi Metropolitan Area.

The early 2000’s saw a rise in demand for land ownership in Kajiado county. Kitengela particularly became popular due to its proximity to Nairobi. Over time, this cosmopolitan zone became so developed and urbanized to the point that the cost of acquiring land skyrocketed. Eventually, the land was not only sold for speculation but to put up residential buildings as well as commercial ones.

Currently, if one wishes to own a front row eighth of an acre piece of land in Kitengela, it would cost them an arm and leg. The price is even higher if there is a development in it. Admittedly, it is easy to see why this is so. Kitengela is a huge locality that accommodates several estates. Let us zero in on the Yukos Estate which happens to be so well known and well sought after.

Have you ever visited a development with such superior architecture you didn’t want to leave? That will be the result upon viewing these dreamlike maisonettes. They feature Mazeras finishings with the staircase masterfully completed using Mvule wood. There are recessed red lights in the gypsum ceilings. You can relax on the Juliet balcony extending from the master bedroom as you stare at the well-manicured Garden within the compound.

Yukos Estate boasts of a number of extremely beautiful and well-built residential homes. There are shopping centers, schools, hospitals, tarmacked roads, places of worship, and every other amenity found in a fully developed locale. This region of Kitengela is attractive, secure, modernized, and is very well-liked by property buyers. This allure is brought about by the comfortable and settled lives those already residing there portray.

We all want to feel at home when we enter our houses. We all want to live where the air is fresh and the water is always flowing from our taps. We all hate electricity blackouts. We all want a home that is easily accessible. We want to be able to safely take a stroll in the evenings to unwind. We want our homes to have healthy beautiful green gardens and a large compound. We want security and peace when we retire to bed at night.

Minazi Homes discovered this need for a dreamy home and came up with a solution. In a gated community inside Yukos Estate, you will find exquisite 4-bedroom maisonettes with detached staff quarters. The title deeds are freehold, meaning you do not have to worry about your lease running out. Not only are they freehold, but they are ready.

The cabro paved parking space is so big, it comfortably fits up to 4 cars. In case you are worried about water shortage, rest easy as Minazi Homes has put this into consideration. There is an underground 12000 liters concrete water tank. Amazingly, one is able to harvest rainwater through this tank. There is a hidden septic tank and a super efficient solar heating system. Should you wish to do your. laundry, there is a kitchen yard with an inlet and outlet for Washing Machines.

Luxury. This is what the walk-in closets in the master bedroom depict. Even more luxurious is the open kitchen that hosts a kitchen bar. The interior design is well thought out, unique and elegant. The building material is up to international standards with safety measures applied on both the ground and first floor.

These maisonettes are secure, serene, stylish, private, and exclusive. They are contemporary, affordable and worth every penny you invest. These are homes that have made Yukos Estate more attractive. Minazi Homes is definitely the bringing you the future with this project

Lear Mburu
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