Tips On Living With A Roommate

Living with a roommate can be a lot of fun and also a very effective way to save money. Here are a few tips on how to live with a roommate.

living with a room mate

Living with a roommate is an effective way of saving up, you spend less than you would when you live alone and also you get someone to help you get through life. Here are a few tips on how to live with a roommate.

1.Communication is super important.

You will not accomplish much without communication, living with someone is not that easy. You are practically in a relationship whether you know it or not. Communicate with each other, even about the most basic thing.


2.The significant other.

You need to set some ground rules from the beginning, let your roommate know what works for you and what doesn’t. Discuss how often a  significant other can sleep over. If he crashed every other night, then he has pretty much moved in and needs to pay rent. The situation could also be so awkward.

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3.Paying bills.

Make sure you split up all the bills in a very fair way. Figure out a system of paying electricity, water and internet bills as soon as you move in together. You can decide to have one person pay the rent and the other pay for all the utilities. You could also alternate when paying the bills so that one takes care of the rent this month and the utilities the other month. Whatever you do,make sure you are both responsible enough to make sure all the bills are paid on time.

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4.Consider the chore chart.

You might find yourself stuck with a lazy roommate, a chore chart will definitely come in handy in such a situation. Divide the chores equally, write down everything if you have to. This is not always the case though, some people just make better roommates and don’t have a problem with executing all their tasks.


5.Personal space.

You already spend way too much time together, give each other a break once in a while. Respect their personal space, don’t move items without talking. Avoid each other’s bedrooms, don’t use her shampoo, pans or any other personal items.

6.Emergency information.

Let your roommate know whom to call when you are in a fix. Make sure they have your family’s contact details and can reach them if you are in trouble. If you also have any medical issues or serious allergies, let them know.


7.Respect is key.

You don’t have to be best friends just because you live together but you have to respect each other. Don’t use  their toothpaste or eat  their food just because they  are not in the house. Don’t be that roommate who is always using the ‘I don’t have my wallet’ excuse, pay up when you have to. Respect each other’s finances.


8.Split your space.

Divide your space to create zones in larger rooms or open-plan spaces to allow different members of the household to do their own thing. These are especially useful if you each have friends over at the same time.


Lastly, be the kind of roommate you would like to live with.

Sarah Wangari
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