Thinking of Moving to a Furnished Apartment? Read This First

When renting a furnished apartment, you should look at the pros and cons in order to make a decision that works for you. Read on to find out more.

Choosing a furnished vs unfurnished house in Nairobi, Kenya

When renting a furnished apartment, you should look at the pros and cons in order to make a decision that works for you. If you are a first time renter or moving to a bigger place, it is important to remember that certain factors will come into play before making that ultimate decision.

What to Expect

Moving to a furnished apartment should be convenient for your pocket while still ensuring that you get what you want. Furniture items you should expect to find in the apartment are beds, sofa sets, drawers in each bedroom, dining table with chairs, and tableware. As for the appliances, a fridge, cooker, kitchen utensils, microwave and a washing machine are the basic ones.

Choosing a furnished vs unfurnished house in Nairobi, Kenya

Each landlord decides what “furnished” means. Some houses will have more items compared to others. How much rent you can afford will determine what you settle on. When apartment hunting, you should have a rough idea of the essential things you will need and what you can live without. Before you make a final decision, ask the landlord what items are in the house. It will help you plan your move accordingly.

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Factors to Consider

Choosing a furnished vs unfurnished house in Nairobi, Kenya

Landlords will do their best to fill the house with items they think are necessary. The more items in the house, the higher the cost of rent. You need to compare the cost of moving to a furnished apartment with that of moving to an unfurnished one where you will buy everything on your own.

Look at it this way, if you move to a furnished apartment, the rent will always be high each month. However, moving to an unfurnished apartment is costly at the beginning but gets easier if you get a cheaper house.

Think really hard before rushing to move to a furnished apartment. It might seem like an easier option at the start, it has to make sense for your pocket.


  1. Saves money: If you are currently don’t own any furniture, the hustle of searching and buy new furniture is taken away. The cost of furniture is included in the rent deposit.
  2. Convenience: There are people who look for short-term leasing due to various reasons like switching jobs. It is easier to move to a furnished apartment on short notice without feeling the pressure of packing and hiring quality movers.
  3. Shorter Lease: Life gets tough sometimes which will force you to move houses. Most people who live in furnished apartments are either looking for short-term leases due to travel or other reasons.

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Choosing a furnished vs unfurnished house in Nairobi, Kenya


  1. High Rent and Security Deposit: The landlord spent money to buy furniture and appliances in the apartment. Therefore, he has to find a way of getting it back. This cost is included in the rent hence a high amount. In case of damages to the things, he has to protect himself by asking for a higher security deposit.
  2. You’re Liable for the Property: When you move to an unfurnished apartment, the landlord will use your rent deposit to make repairs if you damage the property. In a furnished apartment, you have to be extra careful not to destroy things. It is not your property, so you will pay to get it fixed.
  3. No Control Over Decor: Most of the decor ideas will not be in your control. The couch might not be too comfortable or to your liking. You could get a new one, but that will be expensive. Also, will the landlord allow you to replace his couch for something you want? Yes, you can hang paintings and picture frames but they will have to blend in with whatever is already there. If you are big on customizing your home to fit your decor style, this is not the best option for you.
  4. Not Many Apartments Options: The process of house hunting is stressful and tiresome if you don’t use an agent to assist you. For the landlord, setting up and maintaining a furnished apartment is a lot of work. That’s why, not many of them go this route, which means fewer options for you to pick.
  5. Little Room for Your Belongings: If you already have some furniture, you might have to sell it because you won’t have space to move with it to your new house. If you don’t want to sell it, you might have to clutter your home to make everything fit.
  6. No True Definition of Furnished: You could visit a house with a sofa and a bed only, and go to another one with kitchen appliances and way more. If you only have money for rent, you might have to look for extra money to buy the missing items.

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Before you decide on moving, find out how much rent you can afford for the month. Then decide on how long you plan on staying there and what items you currently own (if you have any).

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