A Short Guide to Construction Safety Tips

Construction work requires coordination and teamwork for it to be done well. Construction site safety is the number one priority at a site. Read More.

Construction site safety is a major priority when avoiding work injury cases. Accidents can be avoided and prevented by following simple procedures and taking precautionary measures during the building stage.

Both the employee and employer need to work hand in hand to comply with the safety guidelines in order to ensure safety for all the people on site.

Basic Safety Rules in a Construction Site

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As a business, you need to protect yourself and your workers against injury cases when building a house if you want to enjoy continuity. The law states that you should educate and train your workers on health and safety measures to be adhered to while they are on the construction site. If you don’t do so, you are exposed to lawsuits, fines, and compensation of workers who are seriously injured. These accidents can lead to a project halt for the case to be investigated.

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Construction site safety is a team effort. These basic procedures and rules should always be adhered to while on site.

  • Sort out and put materials together safely
  • Close and fence all floor openings
  • Remove construction waste as soon as possible
  • Ensure pathways are clear at all times
  • Don’t go into areas with little or no lighting to avoid the dangerous places which haven’t been fenced off
  • Look out for any lifting equipment and moving cranes and be alert always
  • Before using any electrical equipment, make sure the cables are in good condition
  • Avoid dragging cables on the ground especially if there is water in the vicinity
  • Don’t drink or take drugs while working
  • Wear protective gear

Responding to Accidents 

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No one expects to be injured when they are working, however, it is important to know how to respond fast when an emergency occurs. Before any work starts, create a response plan to make it easier for people to know how to handle construction site safety. 

  • Make sure the emergency contacts are visibly placed for everyone to see
  • Identify medical centres that are close to the construction site where people can be rushed.
  • Properly mark emergency exits
  • Don’t move the injured person without judging the extent of his injury
  • While waiting for a team to investigate, don’t tamper with the accident scene

When Using Equipment



These are the temporary structures used to support a building under construction. Falsework collapses due to triggers which might occur when concrete is poured.

Safety Measures

  • Hire a competent engineer to construct falsework
  • Make sure that the structure is secure
  • Ensure the struts are safely in place
  • Props should be put up vertically with proper spacing in the row



This is a temporary structure used to support the materials and workers during construction. It is made out of timber or steel.

A scaffold which is not properly secured, worn out or has loose guard rails cause serious harm and injury to a worker.

Safety Measures

  • Inspect scaffolds which have been erected by trained engineers before use
  • Don’t change the scaffold unless instructed to
  • Don’t work on an unfinished scaffold
  • Before work starts, make sure the scaffold is locked


Iron sheets, open ditches and huge logs can easily injure a person. Having a temporary fence around the construction site to secure these items will reduce the chances of injury. Also, the construction site itself will be safe from outsiders.  

Safety Measures

  • Avoid working in places which haven’t been closed off with a secure fence.
  • If you notice places with no fence, install one.



Ladders are one of the most common pieces of equipment used in construction sites. Did you know that as an employer, you need to train your employees on proper usage of a ladder before they start working?

Safety Measures

  • Use ladders which are in good condition
  • Inspect ladders regularly
  • Make sure the ladder is set up at the right angle and is of the right length
  • Secure the ladder on the upper and lower ends before use
  • Don’t use a metal ladder if there is an electrical installation close by

Personal Safety for Workers

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Protect Your Eyes: Most construction workers ignore the fact that they need to protect their eyes when working. Eye protection glasses should be used for the intended purpose only. They should not be hung on the neck or head. They should be clean and comfortable to wear.

Protective Gear: Always ensure that workers have helmets on when at the construction site. Workers who come into contact with chemicals should always use gloves. Safety shoes should be worn to prevent foot injuries.


Construction site safety is a combined effort from each and every person who is on the ground. When people are aware of the hazards and safety rules in place, chances of accidents and injuries occurring are reduced. Employers and workers should make safety a number one priority when on site.

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