Tips to Keep Your Home or Office Super Clean

home or office cleanliness

Let’s be honest. Some of us are scared and worried about what is happening in the world with this pandemic. But the best way to avoid panic and anxiety is to practise strict hygiene habits whether you are working from home or in the office.

You might have seen a lot of information about the virus spreading by touching objects or surfaces which have been contaminated. Here are some of the ways you can stay clean to protect yourself, your family and your colleagues.

Cleanliness working from home

clean surfaces at home

If you are working from home, you still need to protect yourself by making sure your surrounding is clean at all times. Think about all the germs that are on the surfaces you touch – doorknobs, refrigerator, tables, cabinets, the remote controls, sinks – and all the germs that are present. You may not be as vigilant washing your hands in your home as you would when you are out in the public. But it is equally important.

Disinfect the surfaces at your house

Use a disinfectant at least once or twice a day to kill the germs on these surfaces. If you have someone in the house with flu, you might need to clean your house more frequently as an extra precaution. Once you are done cleaning, open the windows to ventilate your house and let it air dry.

Don’t spread germs in your house

clean door handles

This seems like a no brainer. When you leave the house, you are exposed to germs of all kinds. It is only right that when you return home, to remove your shoes immediately you enter the house. If possible, the next thing you should do is take a shower to clean off the germs. Avoid lying on your bed with the clothes you wore outside. Wipe the floor with detergent and disinfectant to kill germs.

For things you can’t wipe

For things like your couch, curtains, beddings and other small surfaces like table legs, you can use a disinfectant spray to kill the germs. Just make sure that you let it dry off before you sit down otherwise your house will smell dump.

Wash your dishes immediately after use

Some people like to store dirty dishes in the sink for hours before cleaning them which is wrong. Letting them pile leaves your kitchen looking messy and dirty. If someone is sick in the house with flu, wash your dishes regularly to avoid spreading the flu to other family members.

What About Office Cleanliness?

wash your hands

If you are not working from home, you need to constantly be aware of your cleanliness. How many times do you open the fridge at your office? Do you hold the rails in the elevator? Are you one of those people who loves giving people handshakes every morning when you get to work? The office has many places that harbour bacteria and germs. That is why it is important to protect yourself and your colleagues by following these simple tips.

Wash your hands

When you arrive at work, make sure to wash your hands. You’ve been exposed to many germs on your commute to work. Afterwards, avoid giving people handshakes. Simply wave or verbally greet them. If there is sanitizer at the entrance of the building or the reception, use it. Wash your hands whenever you can – after using the washroom, before eating, after touching door handles. Wash your hands as often as possible in case you don’t have sanitizer.

Clean your workstation

cleaning your office workstationDo you remember the last time you cleaned your laptop or desktop? Before you start working, wipe it down (including the keyboard), mouse, your desk and any other items surrounding your workstation.

Clean your phone

What is the point of washing or sanitizing your hands if you’ll come back to touch your dirty phone? It is said that the phone carries 18 times more bacteria than the toilet. That’s a lot of bacteria if you think about it. Then you end up touching your face after touching your phone. Be smart. Remove the case and wipe your phone thoroughly. Remember to avoid excessive moisture in the openings, it will damage your phone.

Lastly, don’t panic. The best way to protect yourself is by following the directives and safety measures on keeping clean at home and in the office if you are still working.

Maureen Mbithe
Content Writer at BuyRentKenya
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