Oasis Apartments in Pangani, Nairobi

Pangani, Starehe

280 units

KSh 5,300,000 - KSh 7,700,000


No. of Unit
280 units
Live Elegantly
Welcome to the Oasis a premier 14 storey high-rise apartment block which provides an unrivaled level of elegant simplicity that is geared to meet your needs.
The Site
Nestled on the edge of Pangani and Muthaiga lies the Oasis, a high-rise development that espouses the aspects of modern living in a tightly knit community. The development offers a combination of unique simple apartment typologies that align with your needs. The project, which is a 5-minute drive away from the CBD along the Thika Super Highway is located in a safe & secure environment with excellent access to public transport and other amenities.
The Project
The Oasis is a high-rise development comprising of various charming apartment typologies spanning from studios to 2 bedroom units. The development boasts of reliable and excellent infrastructure, proximity to basic and social amenities as well as exquisitely designed indoor spaces that will guarantee you value for your money. The complex will have the following amenities:
  • A borehole and mains water supply
  • Ample residents’ parking
  • Modern high-speed li
  • CCTV camera security system
  • A boundary wall with electric fence
  • Ample External Lighting
  • Guardhouse with security checks and controls
Live Comfortably
Each unit in the Oasis is a successful exercise of comfort-driven and practical design. The modern design language used provides large windows that allow in plenty of natural light and air. This makes your home the ideal living space with well-lit and airy rooms that promote healthy living.
 The interior finishes used have been selected for their practical and aesthetic properties to ensure that all the rooms are a joy to look at and live in. Enjoy a sense of privacy with every moment spent indoors and a sense of community as you leave the house. The Oasis enjoys easy and reliable access to basic and social amenities and is surrounded by an excellent reliable infrastructure to ensure that your comfort is never undermined.
The Units
The Oasis houses 231 apartments that fall into different typologies.
  • Studios
AREA – 35sqm
This is a tastefully designed studio apartment with an open plan lounge & kitchen. A sliding panel separates the living quarters (bedroom and bath) from the open plan lounge.
  • 1 bedrooms
AREA – 47sqm
A lovely 1-bedroom unit with an open plan lounge and dining area placed adjacent to a well-fitted kitchen with a comfortable kitchen yard. It has a lavish bedroom and a fully equipped bath.
  • 2 bedrooms
Spacious 2-bedroom units externally facing with an open plan lounge and dining area placed adjacent to a well fitted kitchen with a large open kitchen yard. The lounge has access to a lovely French balcony. It has 2 bedrooms sharing a large well-designed bath. B units have two bedrooms, with a lavish master en-suite and a second bedroom that shares a large well-designed bath with the lounge and dining. 
  • 3 bedrooms
112sqm, 2 bedrooms en-suite, walk-in wardrobe in the master bedroom
  • 4 bedrooms
128sqm, 2 bedrooms en-suite, walk-in wardrobe in the master bedroom

We have a Special offer for Cash purchasers for the month of October...

Special CASH PRICES Offer for the month of October... Limited No of units available for the offer is as follows: -

1. 1 bed - 4.7M
2. 2 bed A - 6.0M
3. 2 bed B - 6.6M
4. 2 bed C - 6.2M
5. 2 bed D - 6.9M

On rentals, we have reviewed the monthly rents downwards as follows:-

- 1br.. 34k

- 2br type A 40k

- 2br type B  45k

- 2br type C 43k

-  2br type D 50k

- All the prices being inclusive of service charge

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