Talking To Moiz Hassanali, A Director At Kings Developers

A conversation with Moiz Hassanali, Director at Kings Developers, one of Kenya’s largest developers on leading the company and affordable housing projects.

A conversation with Moiz Hassanali, Director at Kings Developers, one of Kenya's largest developers

Lizzie: Moiz, it’s great to have this chat with you. Let’s start by diving into your journey. What inspired you to get involved in the real estate industry?

Moiz: Thank you, Lizzie. The inspiration is to always build quality homes for our fellow Kenyans, but I should mention that Kings Developers has been in the market for over 15 years. We are part of an umbrella company called Royal Group of Companies.

It was started in the 50s by my grandfather in Mombasa, where he sold glass. So it’s a family business that eventually grew, then my uncles and father diversified into Nakuru where we have our other companies like SuperBargains hardware, Royal Tanks, and Royal Steels mill. These are companies that cater to the upcountry market, but they were built in mind as a supplement to our real estate company

Lizzie: That’s wonderful to hear. Now, the real estate market in Kenya has seen its ups and downs. How do you perceive the current state of the market, and what opportunities do you see for developers like Kings Developers?

Moiz: The current state of the market right now is that there’s a great demand for homes for first-time home buyers. And I always like to say this, business opportunities are like buses, there’s always another one coming, but just don’t miss your bus. You’ll not arrive at your destination on time.

And so the demand is there, it may go on for the next ten years, as we try to bridge the gap. But after that, we’ll know where the next opportunity lies. But for now, adapt.  But ensure to bring quality with you in your products.

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Lizzie: Kings Developers has projects not only in Nairobi but also in other towns. Could you share your strategy behind expanding outside of Nairobi, and what advantages or opportunities do you see in those locations?

Moiz: Absolutely, Lizzie. While Nairobi is a thriving market, we believe in spreading our footprint to other towns to cater to the rising demand for quality developments. These towns present unique opportunities, such as lower land costs, untapped markets, and potential for growth.

For example, how we established ourselves in Nakuru, not only with the companies but also we’ve built Milimani Heights and are about to complete Kings Sapphire. It’s because we wanted to share the good things that we have done in Nairobi with the upcountry towns and bring in new technologies that will bring easiness to our families in the upcountry areas.

We aim to contribute to the development of those areas and provide valuable investment options for our clients.

Lizzie: It’s impressive to see Kings Developers’ success and your innovative approach. Can you share any secrets or key principles that have contributed to your achievements as a company?

Moiz: At Kings Developers, we aim to be a leader in every market we serve. This is by providing our customers with quality products and extending exceptional services coupled with excellent value for money.

We want to create value and make a difference in every business we engage in. We believe: our assets are our people, capital, and reputation. If any of these is ever diminished, the last is the most difficult to restore. We are dedicated to complying fully with the letter and spirit of the laws, rules, and ethical principles that govern us. 

Lizzie: That’s fantastic. Now, affordable housing is a pressing issue in Kenya. What is your vision and approach when it comes to affordable housing, and how does it fit into Kings Developers’ overall strategy?

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Moiz: Affordable housing is a priority for us, and it’s a personal matter to us, simply because as I had said earlier, our goal has always been to build quality homes for our fellow Kenyans. I also mentioned that there is a growing demand for first-time home buyers, and so we always get excited knowing we are dealing with someone who trusted us enough with their savings, just to buy their first home with us.

That is such a sacred moment. We treasure it and ensure to handle all their concerns with utmost importance, whatever doubts that will rise. Because, let’s face it, some fraudulent people have given the real estate industry a bad name, so we ensure to work twice as hard, to bring trust to first-time home buyers.

Lizzie: Looking ahead, what do you envision for Kings Developers and the real estate industry in Kenya in the next decade?

Moiz: We want our currency to be trust. We want top-of-the-mind awareness that the word real estate will be synonymous with Kings Developers.

Lizzie: I have to mention your viral TikTok videos.

Moiz: The company’s viral videos are a  means to bring awareness to the community. Social media is the new word of mouth. As I  mentioned earlier,  we want the word real estate to be synonymous with  Kings Developers, and this is one of the ways how we are working towards that.

Also, it serves as an outlet to inform potential buyers of our products and services.  We know you may not be able to buy a house at this exact moment, but if you interact with our content long enough, when  you are ready to buy, you will definitely buy from us

Lizzie: Moiz, besides being a director in the Royal Group of Companies and overseeing the operations of Kings Developers, I’m curious to know how you manage to release stress in your busy schedule. Are there any other outlets or activities that you engage in?

Moiz: While my work keeps me occupied, I believe it’s important to find ways to unwind and recharge. I enjoy traveling and spending quality time with my family. I have a mantra, work, travel, save….then repeat. It is easy to be absorbed by work life because the pressure of knowing that so many people look up to you to make decisions that will cause a ripple effect of longevity and success in everyday business can get to you but my family keeps me grounded. They are my anchor. They tether me and remind me to live life and pull me from the oblivion of being a workaholic.

Lizzie: Moiz, Kings Developers has built some iconic buildings such as the Prism Towers in Nairobi and the Sifa Towers in Kilimani, which have been sold out. What drove your decision to create such unique and remarkable architectural designs?

Moiz: Innovation and uniqueness are at the core of our philosophy. We wanted to create landmarks that not only stand out in the cityscape but also offer a distinct experience for residents and tenants. Our aim is to redefine urban living and provide spaces that inspire and captivate.

Lizzie: As a director of Royal Group of Companies, you oversee various business activities. How does the diversified nature of the group contribute to the success of Kings Developers?

Moiz: We put to practice excellent customer service for all our clients. For this to be achieved, we have a dedicated management team and qualified experienced staff who have in-depth market knowledge and skills that ensure the satisfaction of clients’ needs.

We also highly value all our investors and consider them a major part of our reason for success. We strongly believe in this mutually beneficial long-term relationship that boosts the growth of both parties.

Lizzie: The real estate market can be competitive. What strategies does Kings Developers employ to stay ahead and maintain its position as a leading developer in Kenya?

Moiz: It’s a given, staying ahead requires continuous adaptation and understanding of market dynamics and adaptability to the environment. But as Kings Developers, we ensure that our quality remains high. Whether you’re buying a home in the affordable housing category or the high-end, our quality remains.

In the finishing, the tiling, and the sanitary, we ensure to give you an experience and value for your money. We also ensure that, whilst you are shopping for a house, once you step into our world, you will stay with us. This is by ensuring that you will not get a house around as spacious as ours, together with the amenities, because our standard is the market standard.

We also invest in market research, keep a pulse on industry trends, and nurture strategic partnerships. By being proactive, innovative, and customer-centric, we can anticipate market needs and deliver projects that surpass expectations.

Lizzie: Kings Developers is known for its commitment to environmental protection. Could you share some initiatives or practices that the company has implemented to promote sustainability in its projects?

Moiz: Sustainability is a priority for us. We integrate energy-efficient designs and utilize renewable energy sources.  For example, we incorporate solar systems into our houses, STP sewage systems, and The Prism Tower capitalized on saving up on electricity, as the whole building capitalizes on natural light.

We implement waste management systems, and promote green spaces in our projects. Additionally, we engage in community outreach programs to raise awareness about environmental conservation and responsible living.

Lizzie: With the rise of digital platforms and virtual tours, how has Kings Developers embraced technology to enhance the customer experience and streamline operations?

Moiz: Embracing technology has been crucial in providing a seamless customer experience. We have become more immersed in social media platforms to communicate and relay real-time information that pertains to the company.

We’ve made our website more google friendly to keep up with the modern times. As for the in-house systems, we are running on different admin systems that ensure efficiency is upheld, which enables our clients to experience ease of business. We are currently thinking of having an app that would enable our potential buyers to explore our properties remotely and keep abreast of our activities.

We are still in the first stages of this, but we do want to take advantage of all possible avenues of technology to streamline our operations.

Lizzie: Kings Developers has expanded its operations beyond residential properties. Can you tell us about the challenges and opportunities you have encountered in the development of commercial and mixed-use projects?

Moiz: At the moment we only build and sell residential and commercial spaces. We’ve not done mixed-used properties. However real estate is just real estate, and it comes with its own unique set of challenges. But with every challenge, comes an opportunity. For example, we have built the largest gated community in Ongata Rongai, The Kings Serenity.

They are 2 Bedrooms. The market research indicated there was a need for 2 Bedrooms. But whilst selling, our clients kept asking why there were no 3Bedrooms. In between all these inquiries, we saw a need. The whole experience became an avenue to get raw data which helped in our expansion plans.

The biggest challenge will always be the conmanship stories that are always the talk of the town in the real estate world. There will always be a client who will come to you scared. And that is the reason we are working towards making trust our currency, that once you hear the name Kings Developers, trust comes to your mind.

Lizzie: In your opinion, what role does the real estate industry play in shaping the overall economic landscape of Kenya?

Moiz: The real estate industry plays a pivotal role in driving economic growth and development. It generates employment opportunities, attracts foreign investments, and contributes to infrastructure development. Moreover, a thriving real estate market positively impacts various sectors such as construction, finance, and services, fostering overall economic stability and prosperity.

A conversation with Moiz Hassanali, Director at Kings Developers, one of Kenya's largest developers

Lizzie: Finally, as a director of Royal Group of Companies and a prominent figure in the real estate industry, what advice would you give to aspiring entrepreneurs looking to venture into real estate in Kenya?

Moiz: Don’t chase money. Let money chase you. This is what it means: Work hard and focus on your goals and vision. Do not be distracted by sideshows. Stay on course to what you intended to achieve and deliver. Ensure to always bring integrity to your work. Do not compromise on the standards of your goods. Always work towards customer satisfaction, because no satisfied client will ever change their mind about you. They will always keep coming back to you, and they bring their network with them.

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A conversation with Moiz Hassanali, Director at Kings Developers, one of Kenya's largest developers
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